Tuesday, November 13

BlogPoll ballot #12: Croomed, Zooked, and completely blacked out.

Quite a weekend, as another #1 took the pipe, LSU nonchalantly strolled back into the #1 spot hoping nobody would notice, Virginia took care of the Orange Bowl demolition all by themselves, the Croomdawgs became bowl-eligible at Saban's expense, and Georgia made black the new black. As always, your comments and suggestions are encouraged.

Games watched: Most of West Virginia-Louisville, Rutgers-Army, bits and pieces of Tennessee-Arkansas, and of course, Georgia-Auburn, live and in person.

1. LSU (last week: 1)

2. Oregon (3)

3. Kansas (6)

4. West Virginia (5)

5. Oklahoma (4)

6. Ohio State (2)
The Big Ten had all of two teams in the Top 25 last week, and both of them managed to lose to unranked teams; not exactly a banner day for the conference. Nor is losing to The Zooker a ringing endorsement for your national-title credentials -- take it from someone who suffered through Georgia-Florida 2002.

7. Missouri (7)

8. Georgia (12)
I am loving how, in the span of just a few weeks, Richt has gone from "Nice guy -- wish he'd get a little more amped up for the games, though" to "I heard he killed a guy after the Troy game just to watch him die." The next couple seasons are going to be a blast.

9. Florida (13)

10. Arizona State (8)

11. Virginia Tech (10)

12. Southern California (15)

13. Clemson (22)

14. Illinois (NR/26)
I'm certainly not the first person to have made this point, but an Illinois-vs.-Florida matchup in the Capital One Bowl has to happen. It just has to.

15. Texas (19)

16. Boise State (18)

17. Boston College (11)
Two weeks ago, the Eagles were eyeing tickets to New Orleans for the national-title game; now they'll have to beat Clemson this weekend just to hold onto their spot in the ACC title game. And former Heisman hopeful Matt Ryan has been forgotten faster than the Backstreet Boys.

18. Cincinnati (25)

19. Tennessee (NR/30)

20. Virginia (21)
Barring a Hokie collapse against a truly awful Miami team this week, the UVA-VT game the Saturday after Thanksgiving will determine one-half of the guest list for the ACC championship game. My parents and two of my cousins are Wahoos, and I have two aunts, an uncle, and three cousins who went to VT; my guess is that the entire extended family will have stopped speaking to one another by around 5 p.m. next Wednesday.

21. Hawaii (20)

22. Michigan (16)
The loss to Wisconsin was a bummer, but it had a lot to do with the fact that the Wolverines' two most important offensive weapons were riding the bench (since a win over Ohio State this week puts Michigan in the Rose Bowl regardless). Between the "Michigan's Search for Redemption" storyline and the impending retirement of Lloyd Carr, it's shaping up to be a very interesting weekend in Ann Arbor.

23. Penn State (NR/27)

24. Connecticut (23)

25. Wisconsin (NR)

The next five: Mississippi State, Kentucky, Alabama, Auburn, Utah.

Dropped out: Auburn (9), Alabama (14), Arkansas (17), Wake Forest (24).


Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that the SI Cheerleader of the week for last week was from Ohio State?

blackertai said...

Richt should totally wear a glue-on fake goatee onto the field vs. whoever we play in the Sugar Bowl.

Evil Richt forever!

Preston Porter said...

I think maybe he (CMR) should just rock a huge soul patch, one that he can braid

Anonymous said...

Doug, About your poll... you've fallen into the KU trap, man. Take a look at what's behind the 10-0 record: two 6-5 teams, a trio of 5-5 teams (in downward spirals) and a bunch of hopeless losers. Compare that to Mizzu's effort to date - or pretty much any of your other top teams - and you'll see that KU at 3 is folly! Mizzu will be favored in KC in a couple of weeks and, if past performance is any indicator, will come through with a win despite Pinkel's propensity (oh the alliterations!) to fall on his face at the end...

Just some thoughts. Great Blog.

SlawDawg said...