Wednesday, July 12

The madness spreads.

Courtesy of Paul at Georgia Sports Blog, I find this morning that Marine GSB reader "Capt. DSNDawg" also reads Hey Jenny Slater occasionally and caught the Simpsons/college football post from a while back. Thanks for the shout-out, Captain!

Incidentally, Paul reports that DSNDawg went to the trouble of setting up a military DSN phone link at 3 a.m. on a hilltop in Korea just so that he could have the privilege of listening to the Bulldogs get annihilated in the 1998 Georgia-Florida game, so you know his credentials as a true UGA fan are pretty much unimpeachable.

Thanks for the kind words, DSNDawg, and for your service. Next time you make it back to the States, beers are on me.

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