Monday, July 31

Panic on the streets of Birmingham . . .

. . . as a second demon Gillett spawn is unleashed on Alabama's largest city. That's right -- Baby Sis is now an official Birminghamian. I would've announced this earlier, but I didn't want to step on her toes, and besides, with our family you never know when a parole officer might be reading.

Ann moves into her new apartment sometime this weekend, God willing, which should be an interesting counterpoint to the filth and squalor in which I currently reside. In the meantime, Ann wrote a really terrific editorial piece that was printed on the front freakin' page of the opinions section of the Sunday Columbus paper -- for some reason the geniuses at the Ledger-Enquirer aren't making it available online, but I think it was sort of based on a blog post Ann did a couple weeks ago about the release of the "World Trade Center" movie, so I hope she won't mind if I send y'all here.

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Anonymous said...

I was a parole/probation officer for over a decade but no longer am, and I read both of your blogs daily.

Keep up the fine work, both of yen's.