Thursday, October 6

Psssst! Dude! Shut up!

If you have ever dreamed of a day when you would finally cease to be amazed by just how far some Republicans can willingly bury their snouts in George W. Bush's hiney-hole, Blogs for Bush is, unsurprisingly, not for you. They tie themselves into such fanciful knots trying to spin Bush as a genius that you really just can't help but laugh, and the closest the site ever comes to anything approaching actual debate is when one of the bloggers says Bush is awesome and another one insists he is, in fact, really really awesome.

Yet there was an interesting -- well, dichotomy is probably too strong a word, but let's say difference in nuance between two of the Bushbloggers in the wake of the Harriet Miers nomination for Supreme Court. Mark Noonan's job is apparently to act as the grown-up of the bunch -- the Moe, if you will -- and while he can't resist the obligatory pseudo-analysis of how Bush is a god come to earth and Harry Reid can only prostrate himself in the blinding glow of Bush's genius, he does eventually manage to write something reasoned and worthwhile:

A Final Word to My Fellow Conservatives:

I know you wanted a fight - but you're wrong to want a fight. A fight is not what you want - what you want is to win. Sometimes, when the chips are really down, you have to fight...but this isn't one of them. We're going to get what we want and we'll get it - likely - without a fight.

The only thing we should be fighting is our armed enemies overseas...while we've deep and intractable differences with our fellow Americans on the left, they are not actually the enemy. They are misguided; they are at risk of falling into evil; they are, quite often, worse than fools...but they are not the enemy. We've got a real enemy - concentrate your fire on him, and spare the country endless political battle if you can.

Well, uh . . . thanks, Mark, sort of, I think. I promise to work on not "falling into evil" in the weeks and months ahead. But give him credit for recognizing that maybe, just maybe, some things in this country are more important than partisan gain and the relentless clutching for power at the expense of insert opponent here.

That revelation, however, appears to be beyond the grasp of Noonan's fellow blogger, Matt Margolis, the Curly of the bunch. (And not even really the Curly, more like the Curly Joe. No, the Shemp.) Apparently Mark and Matt don't talk much, because in the very next post after Noonan's, Margolis not only makes the mistake of not of deviating from the script that Miers is the absolute best most brilliant nominee that could ever have been named, he also contradicts all that nice for-the-good-of-the-nation stuff that Noonan was saying earlier:

. . . I believe most of us conservatives were hoping for a nominee that would have outraged Democrats, such as Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, or Miguel Estrada. We wanted a fight. It is now a question of how much we conservatives trust Bush to make the right decision. When it comes down to it, I do trust him to make a good pick... The question I still need answered is whether or not she is the right pick.

Ahh, yes. In direct contradiction to Noonan, what conservatives like Margolis wanted first and foremost was not a good nominee but a fight. And the "right pick," in Matt Margolis's eyes, was not someone with judicial experience, not someone who would vow to protect the Constitution and/or individual rights, but someone who would outrage Democrats. 'Cause that's all that matters, see. But it turns out Harry Reid's actually cool with Miers, not outraged, and that makes Matty saaad. Awwww!

So anyway, hope you've enjoyed this fascinating little journey into the ever-widening crack that's starting to appear across the conservative psyche. Mr. Noonan, we don't agree with you, but we respect the fact that you do what you do and believe what you believe in the honest best interests of the country, and we hope one day you'll come to realize we libs aren't all as bad as you've made us out to be. As for Mr. Margolis . . . your mom's calling, and it's way past your bedtime. Grow up.


Anonymous said...

You should read Ann Coulters article yesterday and bring him back as a regular contributor on this occassion. Reading it was like watching a train wreck,,, I didn't want to see it but I couldn't turn away.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who would post a dissenting opinion or express an opposing view on this blog, you may want to think again.

Here is a little vignette from "Bill (Edwards) from jc's" home blog site, the Johnson City Forum:

ACG said...
I hate to comment OT, but this is for Bill - Bill, the reason I told you not to engage with Anonymous is that Doug is trying to get the schmuck to leave. Anon is just trying to goad Doug into banning him so that he can complain about how liberals hate real free speech, but if you just ignore him, eventually (we're hoping) he'll get bored and go away. I know it's tempting, but in the future, try not to feed the troll.

9:46 AM

Brook said...
is bill causing trouble with the LGF people again??

bill... play nice!


you have to excuse him -- he's studying to be a lawyer and apparently working on his chops!

10:10 AM

Brook said...
on topic -- the "Western White House" is a misuse of the public trust. "work" done out there isn't held to the same scrutiny of "real work" done at the real White House. it's unconstitutional. our capitol is in DC -- not Crawford.

he needs to get back to work.

10:13 AM

Bill said...
Hah! Like I would beleive that Ann,, I know you meant to ask me to not get engaged, and as I posted, I will remain availible for you!

btw, I am sure Brook would be happy to forward any email to me to discuss pascal further, I look forward to hearing from you and Doug. I thoroughly enjoy his site, but of late the troll hunting as been annoying. What is worse, that jerk drowns out all of the thoughtful conservatives which I felt always added to the debate there (even when they are hopelessly wrong)

Since neither you, Doug, nor I want to post our email addresses for fear of the spamtastic results that would surely produce, send your contact info to brook and via this post I ask her to forward it to me, Also, by this post I reinterate my request to Brook to add your and Dougs websites to the links here. Oddly enough, it was the poster here "Tony not tony" that originally turned me onto Dougs' site.

7:24 PM

bill said...
Oh Ann, your site rocks too. Not as much snark, heavy on the reasoning. I recommend it to all.

Gentle readers, here are the respective links, which I hope Brook will add permanately here (nudge nudge):

and ann's:

Go there to see what havoc a part time drunken hill billy can cause to the psyche of wandering republitrolls

7:27 PM

ACG said...
Brook, I'd never actually thought about it that way, but it's the truth. Not that he gets all that much scrutiny when he's in the regular White House, but when he's in Crawford, all we ever get is pressers telling us how great the war is going and footage of him clearing brush. They swear that he's doing just as much work there as he does at home, which has to make you wonder - how much work is he not getting done in DC?

And Bill - trolls like anonymous and Boy Scouts selling popcorn eventually go away if you ignore them. Buy their crappy, stale popcorn once, though, and you just encourage them.

8:58 AM

Bill said...
Uh, Ann, I am a Boy Scout leader in my spare time, which I don't get much of anymore....

10:32 AM

ACG said...
Then, for the love of God, get some decent popcorn to sell. What is that stuff, caramel-dipped packing peanuts?

12:44 PM

Bill said...
I wasn;t so much defending the popcorn as I was saying I don't like the BSA being compared to repulitrolls. I never pushed popcorns sales as the kids get so little out of it, most of the cash raised goes to salaries and programs ran out of the Council Office. Our troop sold Christmas trees for our fundraiser. The kids did alot better with that, and sometime I will post some shots of our trips to New Mexico that were to a great extent funded by those sales. Scouting is a wonderful organization that teachs love of the outdoors and a set of values not taught in sports or other youth activities,, It is not perfect, but does a good job me thinks. Yes therre is progress to be made, but nothing is perfect.

10:18 PM

It's obvious that Bill Edwards, Doug Gillett and Ann Gillett, Doug's sister, (they're like the Larry, Moe and Curly of this site) take exception to strident opposing views, so they are going to enforce their version of "real" free speech, jennyslater style: free speech with reprisal. I could give you more details but it would compromise their privacy and I believe that privacy, even anonymity, is what makes blogging interesting and enjoyable.

Bill Edwards, I'll help you with your next "troll hunt." My IP Address address is I'm sure you'll make a terrific lawyer. God help your clients.

I hope you all have a wonderful life.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

The hiney hole comment gets you Blue Gal's don't sugarcoat it award for today. Posting this am.

Congratulations and keep the faith.

BTW a little unsolicited feedback, kay? The name of your blog is inspired. I wouldn't give it away on your sidebar, though. Those that know it, get it, and those that don't never will.

Blue Gal

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Ann Coulter's last piece was priceless.

Doug you should really get back to that... It was weird to see her so against Bush.

My favorite line from the whole thing: "He was elected to represent the American people, not to be dictator for eight years."

So much for a mandate...

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to champion here what Noonan says, but with little luck. Just don't see a similar level of rational, non-spiteful dialogue on the left. Granted, for every thoughful writing on the right there are a 100 stupidities. All I see on the left is spite.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to champion here what Noonan says, but with little luck. Just don't see a similar level of rational, non-spiteful dialogue on the left. Granted, for every thoughful writing on the right there are a 100 stupidities. All I see on the left is spite.

Anonymous said...

Damn, being as I am bald I figured myself for Curly and Doug for Larry. Did I miss a memo on this ACG (aka "Moe")???

ACG said...

I'm just trying to figure out if this is some kind of a comment about my bangs.