Wednesday, October 26

Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about? Joe!

With D.J. Shockley out for the Georgia-Florida game this weekend, my new favorite person on earth is of course Joe Tereshinski III, who will start at QB for the Dawgs and comes from a long line of gentlemen whose blood runs red and black. I'll have my whole big spiel about the game in a couple days, but until then, whether you're a Georgia fan or someone who reads all my football ranting not knowing why in the world I'd get so worked up over this crap, mosey on over to this post at Paul Westerdawg's blog and read the two linked stories on JoeT3. That post led me to two of the best sports quotes I've read all season long, the first one from Georgia center Russ Tanner:

"Do I have any Joe T stories?" center Russ Tanner said. "Probably none that should be in the newspaper. Joe's definitely got personality. He's just a lot smarter than most of us when he?s talking to you guys."

The second one is from one of Paul Westerdawg's co-workers, a Tennessee fan:

"It's ridiculous. You guys get the Tereshinskis and they've won like a dozen SEC titles playing center, defensive, QBs and whatever. And you get the Baileys who've all been drafted in like the first Round. But our legacy is 'The Punting Colquitts.' What a jip."

Yup, I'll take it. Joe, all of Bulldog Nation stands behind you, prepared to do anything and everything you need us to do in order for you to get your first career W as a starter. You need a chai latte from Starbucks, we'll get it for you. You need your plants watered and your goldfish fed while you're in Jax, we'll do it for you. You're still haunted by the memories of some stuck-up bitch who wouldn't go out with you when you were in junior high, we'll call her bosses and tell them she's a cokehead for you. Just walk tall and sic 'em, buddy.

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