Monday, October 17

The feel-good movie of the year.

I was trying to track down that remixed movie trailer for "The Shining" -- you know, the one where they turn it into this heartwarming tale about a goofy dad and his lonely kid -- and finally found it today (courtesy of Double Viking). Go watch. Even if you're not a movie buff, it's still ten times funnier than that JibJab stuff that gets a 30-second plug on CNN every time some crappy new animation comes out.


WTDT said...

That's pretty goddamn funny.

Anonymous said...

Too true, man. Love it. Plus I'm reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest at the moment. Should I be worried if that book makes 100% perfect sense?

Josh M. said...

Allow me to rain on this "Shining" parade, if only because everybody (including me) is agreed on its brilliant concept.

My two problems: First, the "voiceover" guy is awful. They should have gotten somebody that didn't sound so smarmy. Second, they use the "foster father" line from "About Schmidt." It feels like cheating that they went outside "The Shining" to get their audio and visuals (besides the songs, of course).

That said, I think it will be awhile before "Solsbury Hill" is ever used again in a trailer.

WTDT said...

I wondered about that "foster father" line too. I agree it's cheap that they went outside the original script.

Damn... when even independently produced fake movie trailers fail us, whom can we trust?