Friday, October 7

Friday Random Ten, Goin' to the Chapel Edition.

While homies Josh and DAve will be heading to Knoxville this weekend for the massive, huge, most-important-thing-since-the-birth-of-Jesus Georgia vs. Tennessee game, I will not be. Rather, I am headed to Anniston, Alabama (which is, in fairness, certainly no worse than Knoxville), for a friend's wedding. I can't get too upset about that, mind you, because this is supposedly the first weekend in a decade or longer in which Alabama and Auburn both have byes, which means his is only one of probably 15,000 weddings happening in this state tomorrow. Nevertheless, it does put something of a crimp in my usual game-watching regimen: I probably can't start guzzling beer the minute "College Gameday" comes on at 10 a.m. like I usually do, and I don't think Grant would appreciate it if I rolled into his wedding wearing my red #4 jersey, either. (Well, maybe Grant would understand, but I don't know I can necessarily count on his future in-laws to do the same.)

Fortunately, the Georgia game starts at 2:30 Central, so I'll be able to catch most of it before I have to head to the ceremony. So I expect I'll get to Anniston about two, find me a sports bar to plop myself down at, and just hope I don't pound so many PBRs there that I can't drive from there to the church. (Well, I'll also be hoping that Georgia will have rolled up a four-touchdown lead by the time I have to leave, but certainly, not committing a DUI has to be the top priority.)

Anyway, while y'all are praying, casting spells, sticking pins in a voodoo doll or whatever it is you do for a Georgia win, here's the Ten:

1. Team America, "Freedom Isn't Free"
2. R.E.M., "Walk Unafraid"
3. Mo' Horizons, "Fever 99"
4. Dr. Dooom, "I Run Rap"
5. Pet Shop Boys, "It's Alright"
6. The Beastie Boys, "Body Movin' " (Fatboy Slim remix)
7. A Tribe Called Quest, "Busta's Lament"
8. Avenue Q cast, "If You Were Gay"
9. Gorillaz, "19-2000"
10. Patton Oswalt, "The Poetry of Pornography"

Walk unafraid, D.J. Shockley, walk unafraid.

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