Friday, May 13

Stop calling people names, you big poopyhead!
(Or, "A Streetcar Named Delusion.")

Every once in a while I'll venture over to Blogs for Bush just to have a few chuckles at the expense of some folks whose sheer willingness to fawn and bootlick would probably draw catty comments from most of the preteens on the Britney Spears Fan Forum. The starry-eyed preadolescent gushing of Matt Margolis and his fellow groupies is such that they'd probably post praise of the robustness and rich consistency of Bush's turds, if only they could get access to the White House restrooms (which has been a lot harder to come by ever since the whole Jeff Gannon thing . . . damn you, Secret Service!).

But far beyond being mere apple-polishers, they're also unbelievably thin-skinned when it comes to mean nasty Democrats criticizing Dear Leader. When Harry Reid made his offhand comment referring to Bush as "a loser" last week, Margolis promptly blew a fuse:

Is Harry Reid still in 5th grade? There is no excuse for such juvenile comments ? while Bush is overseas no less . . .

Don't know what being overseas has to do with anything, but Margolis couldn't be bothered to explain that before indulging in a little Dirty Harry fantasy:

I wish I could tell Harry Reid to his face what I think of him . . .

Oooh, I'll just bet you do, big boy! When Reid apologized, Margolis then backed down from Dirty Harry in order to appoint himself Miss Manners of Capitol Hill:

I would like to see a full written apology posted on Reid's Senate website. As of this post, none exists.

Mmmhmm, and how would His Majesty like that apology? How long should that apology remain on the site, and what font would His Majesty prefer? Should Sen. Reid also issue engraved copies of said apology to each member of the White House staff in little cream-colored envelopes? Anything to satisfy the great and powerful Matt Margolis!

Anyway, what I'm leading up to is that Matty didn't even stck to his guns for one week before throwing all this obsession over decorum completely out the window, for a few days later he was calling Reid "a moron" and a "slimeball." Because the Republicans got more votes, see, so name-calling is only OK if they do it!

Sounds like Matty might need a tall glass of warm milk and then a nap. Shining the president's shoes is hard work, after all, especially when you're doing it with your tongue. Just lie down and let your troubles fade away, Matty, and try to forget about the fact that little ol' Harry Reid has somehow turned you into the right wing's own Blanche DuBois.

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