Wednesday, May 4

Because . . . otherwise they might not know how to strip a prisoner naked and put a dog leash on him?

Dumbest thing I've heard all day (though neither Jennifer Wilbanks nor Tom DeLay have made any kind of public statement yet today, so there's still time): Charles Graner, one of the ringleaders (if not the ringleader) of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses, said the pictures taken of the abuse had a legitimate purpose as a training aid.

You now have a homework assignment, readers. Your first assignment is to peep these photographs of the incidents in question and figure out what they could possibly be used to train people to do.

Your second assignment is to go down to Fort Hood, Texas, and bitch-slap Charles Graner for being such a fricking retard. First person to provide photographic proof of having bitch-slapped Charles Graner gets $100 and guest-blogging privileges on this site. If you somehow manage to get a picture of yourself with a cigarette in your mouth as you point and smirk at Graner's genitals, I'll throw in an extra hundy.

Have at it!

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