Saturday, May 7

Cognitive dissonance on wheels.

Two vehicles recently spied on my travels around Birmingham's Southside:

· A Hummer H2 in the parking lot of the Radisson at 20th and University with a Georgia "Protect Wildlife" plate. Yeah, that hand gesture Smokey the Bear gave you as you were driving by? It wasn't a thumbs-up.

· A Honda CR-V parked near the medical center with the Alabama vanity plate "3JB MOM" . . . and a "W" sticker in the rear window. When the Bush administration brags about all those new jobs they're creating, you can now rest easy with the knowledge that some folks are so lucky they're getting two or three of them.

Not cognitively dissonant per se, just cognitively inexplicable, was the brand-new 4Runner parked on the street in front of my building this morning with the Alabama vanity plate "9-11-01 US." Ummm . . . OK. Just in case you were curious, the Alabama Department of Revenue's personalized license plate reservation site says the vanity plates PRL HRBR, TET FNSV, 10-29-29 US, and HRCN IVN are still available. Get 'em before they're snapped up!

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