Thursday, July 9

A memo from the desk of Arnold T. Pants, Esq.:
Alabama guzzles beer while Lindsay avoids "The Hangover."

"All aboard," says Orrin Hatch. (This eventually makes sense, I promise.)

· First things first, and the first thing today is self-aggrandizement. With the illustrious Dr. Saturday traveling earlier this week, I've been chipping in a little bit more than usual over there, including an assessment of the will-he-or-won't-he questions about Steve Spurrier retiring and a slight stretch of a metaphor regarding Orrin Hatch's BCS hearings (but it does have a point, I promise).

Keep your eyes peeled over there too, Bulldog Nation, because my next installment in the Better Know an Embattled Coach series concerns a coach we've all loved to hate over the years. I'll also be popping up tomorrow over at Team Speed Kills to critique their assessment of the Dawgs (this has been Georgia week over at TSK, where they're breaking down an SEC team each week leading up to the start of the season) and offering some thoughts of my own.

· According to this map, beer consumption in Alabama is about average compared to the rest of the nation. And it may increase now that Free the Hops has succeeded in ridding our fair state of its oppressive alcohol-content-limit laws. What I don't understand is how little ol' Alabama is outdrinking Georgia by so much. And what the hell's going on up in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut? At least Utah has a religious excuse -- what's y'all's?

· Just when I thought I was done having to explain, rationalize, or excuse my divided UGA-UAB loyalties, along comes news that the Dawgs and Blazers will be playing a home-and-home in basketball this year and next. But lest anyone allow themselves to assume I'm not All Dawg, I'll be rooting for Georgia in both matchups -- we've got a new coach who needs to get some early wins under his belt, while an increasing number of UAB fans seem like they'd only be too happy to unload their guy.

· Lindsay Lohan turned down the role in "The Hangover" that eventually went to Heather Graham. Yeah, who'd want to play a prominent role in a hilarious blockbuster movie that's already grossed nearly $300 million at the box office? "A washed-up actress who's so broke she's having to charge $70,000 to make an appearance at her own birthday party" would be my guess. But then maybe Lindsay found out that Mike Tyson had a cameo in "The Hangover" and decided she didn't like the Which Former Superstar Has More Completely Embraced Teh Crazy? comparisons that would invite.

· And finally, a photo from one of the many massively strongly somewhat attended "Tea Parties" that took place on July 4, with brief commentary courtesy of Google Reader.


Jeff said...

To me, Georgia trailing Alabama simply implies we're drinking more bourbon and less beer... As the map implies for the middle South. (Don't think I'm saying Alabamans don't drink bourbon, maybe just a bit less than Georgians.)

Universal Remonster said...

What I don't really understand is why Vermont and Maine both have so little boozing, while in the meantime there's a party in new Hampshire? What the hell is going on up there?

Ally said...

37,000 thousand people were at the Dallas Tea Party (and that's just one of thousands of rallies across the country) on a weekend Holiday, but yeah you're right that's just a handful of folks. Not as many people of course, as in the state of Ohio that now regret voting for Obama however.

But glad to see you'll be pulling for the Dawgs against UAB. On that we can agree.

Go Dawgs!

Buck said...


Man that was some great video. I loved the lady in Tennessee who assumed that folks probably couldn't follow the directions to the location.


And for the record, Obama would have won without Ohio.

RedCrake said...

I am doing more than my part trying to aid Georgia in the beer wars.

You slackers need to chug a 6 pack for the sake of my liver.