Monday, May 7

Laugh, dammit!

Somehow got into a discussion over the weekend that touched on either alcohol or "The Kids in the Hall," and wherever those two subjects intersect, a mention must be made of the KITH sketch called "Girl Drink Drunk," one of the funniest skits that show ever produced. And praise the Lord, it's one of the few Kids sketches that hasn't been yanked off YouTube over some copyright dispute or something. Herewith, "Girl Drink Drunk."

Coincidentally, the Kids made it onto an Onion A.V. Club "Inventory" this past week of "9 TV sketch-comedy bits that should have inspired recurring characters." They were mentioned for the "Dipping Areas" sketch from season five. But the real reason I mention this is that in the comments to that article, I was reminded of an Upright Citizens Brigade sketch that may be the funniest thing ever aired on TV, ever. If you don't remember UCB, that's too bad; if you do remember them, you surely remember what I'm about to show you here.

Ladies and gentlemen: "Ass Pennies."

When you play this -- particularly if you're at work -- make sure you have the volume turned up to a point where everyone in the immediate vicinity can hear it. No, no -- you don't have to thank me.

(By the way, does anybody know where I can find the video, or even just the audio, of the "Terrier Song" from the third season of KITH?)


NCT said...

HA! I've been telling people about "Girl Drink Drunk" for years and years. You're the first person I've met(?) who actually remembers it, let alone appreciated it duly!

kleph said...

"daddy drank" is exponentially funnier. and that's seriously saying something.

some chick w/ a boy's name said...

Not sure why, but anything shoved up the ass is automatically hysterical! Not to be a party pooper (hee hee), but wouldn't dimes be easier? They're smaller and easier to spend... I'm just sayin'.

Know what would be really fun? If the girl drink drunk met the ass pennies guy and decided to start shoving pennies up his ass to get back at his boss and regain his confidence, all while sipping a strawberry mango-rita from a crazy straw.

Jason said...

Ass pennies is one of the funnies sketches ever. Saw UCB preform it live at one of their shows.

Great find.

blackertai said...

Never seen Girl Drink Drunk before, but I'm showing my friends ASAP. We call one of our friends "Hard Berry" because of his propensity for drinking those weak-ass hard berry drinks at tailgates. Hilarious!