Friday, May 18

Friday Random Ten.

But first, a shout-out. Somebody on the production staff of Headline News's "Robin and Company," which I watch every morning whilst pouring coffee down my gullet, is a Pet Shop Boys fan, because just in the past couple weeks I've heard them play "Single," "I'm With Stupid," "Home and Dry," and (I think) "I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More" in the little bumper/teaser segments they use to segue to commercial and back. Who is this mysterious music lover? Do I dare hope that Robin Meade, one of the top five hottest news anchors ever, is a Pets fan? Whoever you are, I salute you, sir/ma'am. You're doing a service for humanity.

Anyway, the Ten:

1. Passengers, "Plot 180"
2. Smashing Pumpkins, "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"
3. Air, "Kelly Watch the Stars" (Moog Cookbook mix)
4. The Isley Brothers, "It's Your Thing"
5. DJ Shadow, "Mutual Slump"
6. Frank Sinatra, "The Very Thought of You"
7. Cee-Lo, "Childz Play"
8. The Beach Boys, "God Only Knows"
9. Pet Shop Boys, "Shopping"
10. DJ Shadow, "The Number Song"

As always, your Ten(s) are welcome in the comments.


Anonymous said...

pressed in a book, the shins
free money, patti smith
lock and key, julia fordham (there's a nice transition)
valley winter song, fountains of wayne
we got the neutron bomb - the weirdos
lost in space - fountains of wayne
tell the truth (live) - ray charles
soul disguise - cesar rosas
search and destroy - the stooges
she's so modern - the boomtown rats
bird in a cage - old 97's

just by way of expanation - i have a nano, so i have to rotate playlists quite a bit, and i just bought a 70s punk box set that's mixing in with my standbys...

Josh said...

As far as I know, Robin Meade isn't a homosexual man. So it's probably not her.

DC Trojan said...

1. Cabin Crew, Star to Fall (club mix)
2. Kasabian, Test Transmission
3. Queen, We are the champions
4. Bob Marley and the Wailers, Rat Race
5. Bruce Springsteen, Eye on the Prize
6. The Dead Milkmen, I tripped over the Ottoman
7. Gorillaz vs Spacemonkeyz, New Genius (Brother) (Mutant Genius)
8. Sam & Dave, Wrap it up
9. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The anointed one
10. White Stripes, Girl you have no faith in medicine

Kanu said...

Robin = yummy.

1."Mathematics" by Mos Def, from 'Black On Both Sides'

2. "Ese Loco" by Slightly Stoopid, from 'The Longest Barrel Ride'

3. "Color Blind" by Ice Cube, from 'Death Certificate'

4. "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police, from 'Every Breath You Take: The Classics'

5. "Gutta Butta" by Goodie Mob, from 'Still Standing'

6. "Q-Ball" by Sublime, from 'Robbin' The Hood'

7. "The Missing Suitcase" by The Herbaliser, from 'Very Mercenary'

8. "Do My Thing" by Busta Rhymes, from 'The Coming'

9. "The Flyest" by Nas, from 'Stillmatic'

10. "Excursions" by A Tribe Callled Quest, from 'The Low End Theory'

Happy Weekend.

JasonC said...

1. "All in All" - My Friend Steve
2. "Whisper" - Wayne
3. "Losing Light Fast" - Peter Searcy
4. "Easy" - Cowboy Mouth
5. "Pull" - Better Than Ezra
6. "Shine" - Pat McGee Band
7. "Climging the Walls" - Stir
8. "Fa Fa" - Guster
9. "Free" - Train
10. "Leaving Town" - Dexter Freebish

It's just like living in the Magic City in the late 90s.

zen bubba said...

Well spoken Josh, this is one of those rare times I acknowledge your clear logic and reasoning skills.

Chad said...

Have you actually decided the other three of the top five hot newscasters? Theuriau is a lock at the top. Not sure about Meade, some days she looks as though she just rolled off a world class bender the night before. Not that that isn't hot in its own right if remotely true. Anywho...

I hope you wouldn't be too prejudicial regarding some of the candidates from Fox "News". Specifically one Megyn Kendall, who usually reports on the big legal case of the month. Kieran Chetry used to be on Fox, but I believe is on CNN currently. Sophie Choi? Jane Skinner maybe?

Keep on rocking in the still somewhat free world.