Friday, May 25

Friday Not-So-Random Ten, Most Boring Three-Day Weekend Ever Edition.

So where's everybody going for Memorial Day weekend? The beach? The lake? Maybe just taking a day trip to someplace cool? Hey, that's great. I will be spending the weekend sitting on my ass watching TV, considering that I have maybe fifty bucks in my bank account that has to last another week, which at current gas prices might not be enough to get me across town, much less to Panama City or wherever the hell else.

But still, anyway, enjoy yourselves! Assholes.

The Not-So-Random Ten:

1. Blur, "Bank Holiday"
2. Fatboy Slim, "The Weekend Starts Here"
3. Pharcyde, "Hard Times"
4. Johnny Cash, "Busted"
5. Beck, "No Money No Honey"
6. Dead Milkmen, "Everybody's Got Nice Stuff But Me"
7. David Holmes, "Living Room"
8. Pet Shop Boys, "Left to My Own Devices"
9. The Streets, "Geezers Need Excitement"
10. Avenue Q cast, "There Is Life Outside Your Apartment"

Put your own weekend plans, by which I mean movies you plan to rent because you're too poor to do anything else, along with your random or not-so-random Tens, in the comments.


some chick w/ a boy's name said...

I had an invitation to the beach, but I passed it up so I could celebrate my sister’s 29th birthday, attend a Braves game, visit the Decatur Arts Festival and assemble furniture. Let the fun begin!

1. The Eagles, “Hotel California”
2. Dave Matthews Band, “Warehouse”
3. Elton John, “Nikita”
4. Bob Dylan, “Simple Twist of Fate”
5. The Cranberries, “Daffodil Lament”
6. Zero 7, “Spinning”
7. The Thompson Twins, “Hold Me Now”
8. Silversun Pickups, “Dream at Tempo 119”
9. Minamina Goodsong, “Heartless”
10. Alice in Chains, “I Stay Away”

Kanu said...

I'm road ruling down to Sequoia/King's Canyon National Park to check it out and do some exploring on foot and bike.

1. "Flor di Nha Esperanca" by Cesaria Evora, from 'The Very Best Of Cesaria Evora'

2. "I Ain't Mad At Cha" by Tupac, from 'All Eyez On Me {Book 1}'

3. "Pawn Shop" by Sublime, from 'Sublime'

4. "Que Paso Que Paso" by Manu Chao, from 'Radio Bemba Sound System'

5. "Straight To The Point" by Shakedown, from 'Call It What You Want'

6. "Very Ape" by Nirvana, from 'In Utero'

7. "J'ai Besoin De La Lune remix" by Manu Chao, from 'Siberie M'Etait Contee'

8. "Assasination" by Dead Prez, from 'Let's Get Free'

9. "Brown Skin Lady" by Mos Def & Talib Kweli, from 'Black Star'

10. "Sun Is Shining" by Slightly Stoopid, from 'Live & Direct: Acoustic Roots'

Y'all have a great weekend, and be safe.

DC Trojan said...

I'll be clearing out the basement and other such pre-house-sale activities, if that's any consolation.

1) The Rolling People, the Verve
2) Everyday People, Sly & the family Stone
3) Love for Sale, Miles Davis
4) Nite Klub, the Specials
5) Talking 'bout my baby, Fat Boy Slim
6) Brass in Pocket, the Pretenders
7) Pilgrimage, REM
8) Natural Mystic, Bob Marley & The Wailers
9) Gone Daddy Gone, Gnarls Barkley
10) We Rock, Supersonic