Friday, May 4

Friday Not-So-Random Ten: Goin' to the candidates' debate.

Last night was the first Republican cadidates' debate of the 2008 campaign. I have to confess that I eschewed it in favor of something a little more substantial ("The Good Shepherd," which was amazing, even though I think I may have to watch it again to make sure I caught everything), but I read up on it and watched what bits and pieces I could on the Internet, and I've got a very special Not-So-Random Ten for this field: ten songs for ten candidates. w00t!

1. Sam Brownback: Depeche Mode, "Personal Jesus"
2. Jim Gilmore: Pet Shop Boys, "Being Boring"
3. Rudy Giuliani: James Brown, "Talking Loud and Saying Nothing"
4. Mike Huckabee: Fugazi, "Do You Like Me"
5. Duncan Hunter: Morrissey, "First of the Gang to Die"
6. John McCain: The Streets, "It Was Supposed To Be So Easy"
7. Ron Paul: Ben Folds Five, "One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces"
8. Mitt Romney: Del tha Funkee Homosapien, "Fake as Fuck"
9. Tom Tancredo: The Januaries, "The Girl's Insane"
10. Tommy Thompson: Gnarls Barkley, "Who Cares"

What's interesting, as Atrios points out, is just how negatively people are responding to these folks (on the MSNBC Web site, at least). Ron Paul is the only one of the ten who seems to have attracted anything even remotely resembling actual like; other than maybe Romney, everyone else is getting absolutely destroyed.

Hoenstly, other than maybe Paul, I thought Jim Gilmore, the former Virginia governor, had the most to say that actually meant something. (Hint to Republicans: That's not something to brag about.)

Your own thoughts on the GOP field, and your Tens, Random or Not-So-Random, in the comments.


Shan said...

I, too, was busy last night and didn't see it. But I read a recap this morning, and found this tidbit:

"...McCain sure does a lousy job of it. For the first time, he said that he would fund embryonic stem-cell research, which would require reversing a high-profile Bush executive order, and he said he believed in evolution (Sen. Brownback, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo said they did not)."

How can anyone in the public eye be taken seriously when they say they don't "believe" in evolution? Would we vote for a Commander-in-Chief who asserts that Santa Claus is real, and actually makes a worldwide sleigh run delivering toys? Holy Frak.

The only one of these windbags who holds any appeal is Giuliani. At the end of the day, it will probably come down to McCain (whose media love is waning), Romney (whose flip flops will catch up with him) and Rudy. As a Libertarian, the pickings are indeed slim.

Good song choices, particularly for Romney and Brownback.

kleph said...

1) "Groovy Train" - The Farm
2) "Don't Fight It, Feel It" - Primal Scream
3) "Answering Bell" - Ryan Adams
4) "Angel Sigh" - Spiritualized
5) "Dynamite" - The dB's
6) "All the Voices" - INXS
7) "Baltic" - The Jazz Butcher
8) "Florida's On Fire (Acoustic Demo)" - Superchunk
9) "On the Roof" - The Feelies
10) "Flesh Cartoons" - Robyn Hitchcock

Kanu said...

I didn't catch this either, as I was at an Andy Dick comedy concert, which by the way was one of the more indescribably bizarre experiences of my life.

I have always thought that Huckabee was their best candidate but obviously had no chance when you consider money + fund raising ability, but hearing that he's in the "the earth was created 6000 years ago" crowd makes it hard for me to still say that. Hell he still may be, but it's pretty moot since he has no chance.

I can't see any of these winning in 2008 UNLESS there was to be another major terrorist attack inside the US and they trotted out the fear/dems can't protect you like we can card.

Whomever they throw up next year may very well end up making 96 Bob Dole look like a strong candidate...

Now then, El Dies:

1. "Badfish" by Sublime, from 'Stand By Your Van'

2. "December" by David Gray, from 'A New Day At Midnight'

3. "Mary, Mary" by Run-D.M.C., from 'Tougher Than Leather'

4. "Coming Home" by G. Love & Special Sauce, from 'Coast To Coast Motel'

5. "Friends" by Mary J. Blige, from 'Love & Life'

6. "To Whom It May Concern" by Black Sheep, from 'A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing'

7. "O Reggae No Pode Morrer" by Olodum, from 'Felicidade'

8. "One By One" by Tha Dogg Pound, from 'Dogg Food'

9. "Rat Race" by Bob Marley, from 'Songs Of Freedom Disc 3'

10. "Rebel Musik" by Akon, from 'In Your Eyes'

A Happy Weekend to all...

JasonC said...

Like Kanu, I don't think anyone the GOP puts up will win. There aren't a lot of strong candidates and Bush has probably killed any moderate swing votes the Republicans could hope to get. But that's okay, because in a few years we'll get to see how bad the Dems mess up things (which they will). I am still amazed that there is any interest in politics anymore with the losers involved.
Finally, evolution is not a scientific fact and if one wants to believe that a divine being created such a complex and amazing world & universe, it is not that crazy when compared to the statistical odds of going from a "Big Bang" to single-celled oraganism in an ocean of goo to human-beings and every other creature.

DC Trojan said...

Jasonc, I'm sorry but you are wrong: evolution is a scientific fact. Micro-evolution can easily be demonstrated in a laboratory environment, and there is abundant fossil evidence for macro-evolution.

As for the big bang theory as an origin of the universe: that is not part of the theory of evolution. It's related inasmuch as matter had to come from somewhere, but it's not an intrinsic part of the evolutionary explanation of life on earth.

Universal REMONSTER said...

Loved the addition of Ben Folds Five and Fugazi.

Anonymous said...

Well where's the Democratic debate review? Where's the "love" for what they had to say like your blog on the Republicans? Oh, wait. To go with the party of retreat and surrender would make you look like a wussie. "The war is lost" says Harry Reid. Well if it's lost, who the hell won? Do we want Al Qaeda dancing in the streets in victory upping their "recruitment"? At least the Republicans want to protect our country from radical Islamic extremist and are doing what needs to be done to keep bombs out of American shopping malls. I hate "Sports blogs/shows" that have to get involved with politics, Dan Patrick gets silenced on my radio when he starts this crap with Keith Blowberman for an hour. Guess I need to remove my bookmark to what I felt was a pretty good "SPORTS" blog.

Doug said...


Anonymous said...

hehe, like I didn't see that coming. I couldn't delete you but I guess I'll just have to overlook your flaws....and you overlook mine.