Friday, July 8

Wow. That's . . . jeez, I got nothin'.

Courtesy of TBOGG, we take a journey with Steve of No More Mister Nice Blog into the murky depths of to see how the Freepers are responding to the news of the bombings in London.

One of the Freepers made the "mistake" of dropping the O-word:

Maybe it's time FINALLY to go and get Osama? Remember Osama? Anybody? Anybody?

Posted on 07/07/2005 12:35:25 PM PDT by churchillbuff

I was lectured on Freerepublic that I was supposed to "feel safer" because we captured Saddam -- even though there's no evidence that he was behind 9-11. Osama is the guy that Bush promised to get "dead or alive" -- but four years later, he's still out there, free as a jail bird.

Maybe it's time to refocus on the mastermind and culprits who were behind 9-11?

Prediction: I'll get flamed as a "DU provacateur" for advocating that we go after somebody who killed 3000-plus people on American soil.

Oh, come on, churchillbuff, have some faith in human nature!

Or, on second thought, don't. Among the replies sampled at NMMNB:

People like you both amuse and disgust me. You expend energy to mock and impede the war on terror, you're nowhere to be found as daily we post victory after victory in the GWOT, but the second something like this happens you proclaim defeat, using the Brits' suffering for your own weak position. You should be ashamed.

Nothing but more hot air from you.

It's all our fault, us evil Westerners should get what we deserve. All bow to Allah, wear your burka's and submit to the chosen few to rule the world.

I truly think you are a descendant of Neville Chamberlain.

Bush NEVER promised to get Osama dead or alive. He said he wanted him dead or alive. Huge difference.

He's irrelevent, except for Bush bashers who need something to whine about.

"He's irrelevent" [sic]? Oh, I can probably think of a few dozen British families who aren't so sure.

But anyway, if you were wondering how you were supposed to respond to this latest attack w/r/t America's strategy in the war on terror, the Freepers have made it official: If you still want to capture Osama, you are an appeaser and a traitor.

My head's about to explode trying to comprehend all this. Somebody suggest something Angelina Jolie-related to post about, hurry . . .


CoolSchool said...

I would like to see Osama brought to justice. His capture would certainly have a bigger impact on terrorism then the capture of Sadam did. (Quite an understatement since the capture of Sadam actually did more for terrorist recruiting than anything else in the past few years.) But if Osama is captured is the threat from terrorism going to dry up and blow away? Of course not. When he is gone another leader will take his place. The only way to "win" the war on terror is figure out what it is about modern society that drives so many to be willing to die to bring it down. That is why it is such a vexing problem. No military or police action will ever "win" the war on terror.

Anonymous said...

It's about as loony as acg placing the blame on Bush because he hasn't caught or doesn't care about OBL anymore.

Wouldn't it be great if we caught OBL and all terrorism ceased?

Yeah, like if General bill had a 12 inch pecker, Angelina would leave Brad for him.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need to learn what we are doing so wrong that some would die because of it. WE are the problem, you know.

What is wrong is that the so called "peaceful" Islamists have not risen up against the jihadists. What is wrong is Islam. Islam was born by the sword, spread by the sword and continues to resort to the sword. When Islam embraces NOW, then we'll know we're making progress.

iknowwhereoblis said...

I don't think we'll ever find him as long as our incompetent troops are looking for him. What a bunch of dufusses. They've had more than enough time to capture him and what? Nothing! What a bunch of lame ass slackers.

ACG said...

And if Anonymous had any balls, he'd put his name on his posts.

Would the capture of Osama bin Laden put an end to global terrorism? Of course not. Would it send a message to terrorists that the US is determined to hunt them down, rather than to start a fight and then abandon it, unfinished, when we get distracted by a shiny object? Yeah, I think so. Is Bush "truly ... that concerned about him"? That would be no.

Other Anonymous, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a "peaceful" Islamist, since that word generally refers to the violent radicals, rather than your average Muslim who just wants to take the freaking subway to work in the morning and, yeah, condemn the attacks. But if you're interested in cultures that are big fans of the sword, Jesus' General has a list for you.

Doug said...

Good gravy, the straw men are out in force this morning. Just once, just one fucking time, I'd like to see a conservative respond to something a liberal has actually said rather than what he thinks the liberal said because it's easier for him to insult and disparage.

CoolSchool said...

Thanks for having my back Doug. I never said "we" are doing anything wrong, I said we need to explore what makes people willing to give their life to change the world we all live in. And as vexing problems go, dealing with those outside the reality based community is at the top of the list. Is it January 2009 yet?

Michael said...

Extremists in all religions, who feel the need to force their religion on all others tend to ignore the teachings of their religion, and do violent acts in the name of saving and preserving their religion.

Just look up the spanish inquisition and the crusades as a couple examples of Christianities violence.

Almost any religion has the potential to be violent.

This is in no way a means of defence against violent acts done in the name of religion. They are all horrid and detestable. Its just too often I see another Christian jump on a high horse and seem to think our religion can do no wrong.

juan said...

Just out of curiousity, what are you going to bitch about next after OBL is captured?

I remember the rants about not being able to find Saddam. Those have gotten somewhat harder to find these days.

What are you going to complain about when Iraq is a stable democracy?

Have you given any thought as to what your next "Dubya: damned if he does/damned he doesn't" rant is going to be when all your strawmen meet with the blunt reality of patience and time?

Bill from jc said...

I'm curious Anon, just how much time do you spend thinking about my pecker?

Please stop.

Anonymous said...

We all love you for your brains, general.

billsboys said...

General bill you owe us answers to a couple of outstanding questions...

What was the justification for the Bosnian invasion and occupation?


What lie did Bush tell?

bill from jc said...

You might check the previous post Cap. Chickenshit.

"Missions Accomplished"

billsboys said...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Still waiting, general for the "lie" and the Bosnian War justification. Please, check Webster's for the definition of "lie" this time. Thank yeewwww.