Wednesday, July 13

Maybe he was just calling him to see if he had any, uh, extra tickets to the Nationals game.

One thing that's a source of endless amusement whenever I debate my conservative friends is playing what I call the Who Speaks For The Party? game. At any given point, if my conservative friends are to be believed, random celebrities from Michael Moore to Rosie O'Donnell may represent the True Face Of The Democratic Party. Yet folks like Alan Keyes, former GOP presidential candidate and nominee for U.S. Senate in one of the largest states in the nation, and Nathan Taylor, chair of the 2005 Young Republican National Convention, are either fringe figures or bit players who don't accurately represent current Republican ideology. And Christian fundamentalist heavies like James "SpongeBob" Dobson or Jerry "9/11 Was God's Revenge On Homos" Falwell -- well, uh, nobody actually listens to them. They can make all the demands on Bush they want, but he's not actually gonna listen to 'em.

So if that's the case, then why, as Andrew Sullivan asks, has Bush been calling Falwell asking for his advice on whom to nominate for Supreme Court?

"Someone from the White House called me yesterday, asking for any input I might have," said the Rev. Jerry Falwell, the founder of the Moral Majority and chancellor of Liberty University in Virginia.

Mr. Falwell said he declined to offer advice, telling the White House staff member that, because of Mr. Bush's track record appointing conservative judges, "I am willing to sit back and trust him and pray for him."

Declined to offer advice . . . well, thank God for tender mercies. But still, can any of you conservatives, from the thinking moderates to those filled with rich wingnutty goodness, explain to me why I shouldn't be terrified that Bush would call a guy like Falwell? I don't want to be having nightmares about "Associate Justice Richard Santorum" tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

I guess you should feel terrific that Bush would call a guy like Falwell so we all won't be having nightmares about "Associate Justice Maxine Waters" or night terrors about "Associate Justice Hillary/Bill Clinton" tonight . . .

Josh said...
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Josh said...

Jerry Falwell is the Jesse Jackson of the right - "Uh, yeah, the Taliban called and asked me to negotiate." They will both insert themselves into any news story, if they can come up with a halfway plausible angle (and both have been stretching the definition of "plausible" in recent years). If in fact somebody actually did call Falwell (which I find it easy to disbelieve), it is hopefully to shore up their base before they nominate a candidate that isn't all psycho on the abortion front.

And by the way, there is a slight difference in Michael Moore and Alan Keyes. Keyes, a "candidate" and "nominee" (like, say, Spuds Mackenzie), wasn't trotted out at the Republican convention like a showpony, and certainly hasn't been heralded on a national level like Moore was last summer.

That said, I will never put Moore's words in your mouth, as long as you never put Santorum's in mine. (That sounded dirty).

Anonymous said...

I'll see your one Rick Santorum and raise you one Julianne Malveaux:

Julianne Malveaux: USA, Bush Are 'Terrorists'

Semi-regular USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux said Monday that President Bush is "a terrorist" and that America is "a terrorist nation."

In an interview that began with Malveaux accusing U.S. troops of "beating" terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, the controversial author and economist told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity:

"Terrorism in the United States is as old as we are. You want me to give you a litany of terrorism? You want me to start with what's happened to the Indian population? You want to go on to what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921?"
"C'mon now, Sean," Malveaux told Hannity. "We are terrorists."

Asked point-blank if the U.S. was a "terrorist nation," Malveaux shot back: "Oh, Absolutely."

In the next breath she added, "The chickens have come home to roost," in an apparent reference to the 9/11 attacks.

Asked if America was "a good country," Malveaux responded tersely, "We're a country." Pressed on why she omitted the adjective "good," she replied: "I can't answer that. I think we have some good and I think we have some evil."

As the interview was winding up, Malveaux went on a tear about the Iraq war and "the weapons of mass distraction."

"You know they weren't there. I know they weren't there," she told Hannity. "George W. Bush is evil. He is a terrorist. He is evil. He is arrogant. And he is out of control.

Doug, you liberals are destroying our nation.

Good night "Associate Justice Malveaux".

Kevin said...

Just because the Good ol' USA does something, doesn't always make it right. Sometimes you need to look in the mirror and say, "Wow, we really fucked up."

Attacking a sovereign nation that neither posed a threat to the United States nor ever attacked the United States, under false pretenses, is indeed terrorism. Ask the tens of thousands of Iraqis who lost sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, friends, and other family members who were all innocent civilians, what they think it was.

Any yes, what our forefathers did to the Native Americans was also terrorism.

Time to wake up and smell the shit your shoveling...

Kevin said...

Do I think Ms. Malveaux is being a bit extreme...a bit, over the top...of course. I don't necessarily agree with all of her statements, but she brings up some good points that need to be considered and discussed...even if I don't agree with them. I know you conservatives aren't able to think outside the box or consider other ideas, but exchanging ideas from time to time doesn't destroy a just make yourself sound dumb by saying that.

Kevin said...

I shouldn't say "you conservatives"..that's not fair to all conservatives. I'll re-phrase..."conservatives like you".

Anonymous said...

Thanks, kevin, for validating everything I've ever said about liberals. You all are more dangerous to us than any radical Islamists could ever be.

YOu want to exchange ideas? So, tell me, kev, what have liberals given us that makes this country great?

Anonymous said...

Hey, kevin, while you're scratching your head to figure out anything you liberals have done to make this country great, I took your advice and was looking in the mirror. I saw a great, generous country. I was admiring what I saw when the mirror told me to watch out for the liberals, they want to destroy us all. I asked the mirror, what did they look like? The mirror said to watch out for Volvos and VWs. The mirror did give us hope, though. It said that the liberals have trouble thinking for themselves, so they spend most of their time shitting on those that do. And when they come up with an idea, they email it to everybody to repeat so that it sounds like a good, original idea. They use other liberals as references, like the snappy Kung Fu Monkey. But the mirror said to be very wary of liberals who claim their hate for America is justifiable dissent. They are the worst of the bunch. They want us to feel guilty about being an American. Then it mumbled something about "kumbayah shitheads" and journalists.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Julianne Malveaux.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -- maybe this will help you understand the anti-war viewpoint.

Yesterday you were asking about Bosnia. Let me flip that question: Given your support of the war in Iraq, did you also support the intervention in Bosnia? Do you support the overthrow of dictatorships in other countries, including allies like Pakistan and Uzbekistan?

I don't say this to accuse you of hypocrisy, but rather to remind you that we all make our own judgment calls on what's a threat and what's not.

My anti-war friends looked at Saddam and decided he could not strike the U.S., lacked a serious WMD capability and was not supporting Al Qaida. All of these judgments turned out to be correct. They decided that, although he was brutal, it was not worth the blood and treasure needed to kick him out.

So they decided it would be in our national interest to continue containment. This is a perfectly reasonable and non-treasonous decision, and is shared by prominent conservatives such as Pat Buchanan.

ACG said...

Anonymous (the first one), you seem to have an awful lot of hatred but not a lot of constructive information. You've come in here in a couple of different spots to spout your opinion that liberals are more of a threat to our country than terrorists, but you've given us nothing to back that up. You say that Volvo drivers are bad and liberals say they love America but don't and that liberals want everyone to be ashamed of being American, but you give us nothing rational, no facts, nothing but hatred. And since you haven't given us any actual facts or arguments to debate about, we can only work off the assumption that you're a complete loony.

Come on, Anonymous. I promise to take you seriously if you'll just give me something worth arguing.

Kevin said...

Giving women and African-Americans the right to vote along with desegregation...for starters anonymous. And lets not forget about a woman's right to choice. I'd say those out-Trump anything conservatives have done recently. I mean, spreading hate and bigotry is great and all, but I just haven't seen anything productive from you guys. When you nab Osama, I'll give you a shout out.

I looked in the mirror and saw a great zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

I never said this isn't a great country. It is. It's the greatest country in the world, hands down. I'm saying that we do screw up from time to time and that we need to look in the mirror and realize that. And don't give me any horse crap like, "Well we only screw up sometimes which is better than..blah blah blah."

Josh said...

My anti-war friends looked at Saddam and decided he could not strike the U.S., lacked a serious WMD capability and was not supporting Al Qaida. All of these judgments turned out to be correct.

0-for-3 there, bubba.

Anonymous said...

Josh, I generally have a lot of respect for you, but it's time for a reality check. You can argue the invasion was justified on humanitarian grounds or spreading-democracy grounds. You could argue Bush made an honest mistake in thinking Saddam was a serious threat, although it's a stretch.

But you can't seriously argue Saddam had a serious WMD capability, the ability to strike the U.S. or was an ally of Al Qaida. We've found nothing and the evidence was bogus.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's just say for the sake of argument that we had found some evidence of WMD or collaboration with Al Qaida. It would still be perfectly reasonable to decide America's best interests don't call for an invasion at this time.

George Bush Senior came to this conclusion, as did Pat Buchanan and Gen. Anthony Zinni. Ronald Reagan actively supported Saddam. We tolerate many regimes that are more dangerous and also bear us ill-will, such as Iran and North Korea. Several horrible regimes are our allies, such as Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

All I'm saying is, there's nothing disloyal about thinking the invasion of Iraq wasn't in our best interests.

bill from jc said...

I looked in a mirror today and I saw a Volvo. The mirror said it was closer than it appeared.

Liberals are a greater threat to this nation than radical islamists? Tell that to the brave souls that died on 9/11 you conservative coward. Better yet, why not volunteer to switch places with a soldier in Afganistan, since you seem to think they have it so much easier than you do.

Anonymous, too chickenshit to sign his name, too chickenshit to fight the war he supports. Typical conservative coward.

shelly said...

Sorry, Josh, but you're wrong.

* Saddaam Hussein was not a threat to the United States.

* According to insiders who used to work for SH, Iraq disarmed in the early/mid 1990s.

* The 9/11 Commission's report stated that any relationship Iraq may've had with Al-Qaeda was merely on-the-surface. In other words, Iraq had no legitimate ties to Al-Qaeda. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. A big goose egg. Why? Sadaam Hussein is/was a secularist. Al-Qaeda is made up of Islamic fundamentalists.

Similar meetings between Iraqi officials and Bin Ladin or his aides may have occurred in 1999 during a period of some reported strains with the Taliban. According to the reporting, Iraqi officials offered Bin Ladin a safe haven in Iraq. Bin Ladin declined, apparently judging that his circumstances in Afghanistan remained more favorable than the Iraqi alternative. The reports describe friendly contacts and indicate some common themes in both sides' hatred of the United States. But to date we have seen no evidence that these or the earlier contacts ever developed into a collaborative operational relationship. Nor have we seen evidence indicating that Iraq cooperated with al Qaeda in developing or carrying out any attacks against the United States. (emphasis mine)

shelly said...

PS: Not to mention when weapons inspectors were allowed into Iraq in the late 1990s and again in 2002, they found no viable WMD.

The only reason the US went to war in Iraq was because George Walker Bush wanted to invade the country from the get-go; and--after September 11, 2001--he finally found, in his mind, a legitimate reason to do so.

Anonymous said...

George Bush is the greatest President ever. Everyone knows Iraq attacked the World Trade Center on 9-11. I would be over there fighting the radical islamists except I have to stay here and fight the liberals because 48% of our country is worse than Osama Bin Laden.

Kevin said...

"Everyone knows Iraq attacked the World Trade Center on 9-11."


Yeah, I think the Easter Bunny was in on it too....and MAYBE Santa.

Anonymous said...

I think that last Anonymous was being facetious.

Wouldn't it be funny if they used those secret FISA courts to investigate Karl Rove? Maybe they'll send him to Guantanamo.


ACG said...

Hey, according to one of the Anonymi in the last comment thread, Rove has already been executed. I think he looks fantastic for a dead guy.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, life is good. So many wish to imitate the great anonymous one. What flattery...more like flatulance if you ask me.

Where to begin...let's start with our little deluded one, acg. You want substance? Chew on this one, acg:
Liberals claim to be the great liberators of the black American. Well, I'll give you that (even though one of your greatest icons was a card carrying KKK'er, the honorable Robert KKK Byrd of the great state of W. Virginia and it took more than a few Republicans to pass the Voting Rights Act). So you give them the vote and then you chain them to poverty forever with your great society programs - demonstrated failures every one. You gave them the vote and promised them a check so they would vote your slugs into office. What a scam! While you've kept them in the ghetto, hispanic, asian and indian immigrants have displaced the blacks economically. Even your stupid affirmative action programs have had only anecdotal success. But, hey, those welfare moms certainly were successful - in having children out of wedlock they couldn't support. Their kids are now on every street corner in the ghetto selling crack. So, I'll give the liberalistas all the credit in the world for this disaster.
Then there is Social Security. You liberal dipshits took a noble and needed program at the time and have bastardized into the piece of crap it is today. When first passed, SS contributions were to not exceed 1% of income and the benefits were not to be taxed. It was supposed to subsidize your retirement. Since then:

- Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic-controlled House and Senate put the SS fund into the general fund and opened it up to Congressional abuse - so you could buy more votes.

- The democrat controlled congress promoted and approved the taxing of SS benefits under Jimmy the Great.

- The democrats with Al Gore casting the deciding vote increased the tax on SS.

- Immigrants that move into this country at 65 get SSI Social Security. The liberals gave that to them although they never paid a dime into it Then, after doing all this, the liberals turn around and tell you the Republicans want to take your Social Security.

OK, I'll give you full credit for the SS mess as well. I won't embarrass you with all the quotes from leading liberals that called for SS reform while Clinton in office. It's just too embarrassing.

Affirmative Action? Yeah, I'll give you full credit for institutionalizing discrimination.

Medicare? It's so good even retired liberal congressmen refuse to use it. They stick with the congressional plan.

Hell, the only way you liberals could balance the budget is with the largest tax increase in history. And where did you go for the extra taxes? To the productive citizens of course. Hell, they can afford it! They don't deserve the financial rewards they've reaped for their hard work and taking risk. Do they?

I'm going to give you liberals all the credit for all primary and secondary public education. Take that turd, please!

Unions? Yep, they're all yours. Remember Eastern Airlines? Remember Detroit?

Face it, acg, socialism at any level and in any form has failed. What works is hard work and education within the framework of capitalism and free markets. I read somewhere in this blog about capitalism and Hong Kong. We need to emulate Hong Kong, not France, Germany, etc.

You wanted substance, you got it, now go think about, young one.

Moving on....

Some anon wannabe asked if I supported the Bosnian action. Damn right I did and not because it was the popular thing to do at the time but because it was the right thing to do. Intelligence at the time indicated the muslims were being massacred. No one, no one on this planet deserves to live under the threat of death for one's beliefs. And, even though some of the intelligence has been discounted, I still believe it was the right thing to do given the intelligence at the time. And, yes, I believe this applies to anyone, anywhere on this planet. Freedom is an inalienable right of all - even a Kurd. Period. So, when we're done with our business in Iraq, let's go to the next one.

Another anon imitator claims that W is the greatest president ever. That's horseshit. I give W credit where credit is due. He's got backbone and conviction. You know where he stands - even though he has trouble articulating it. I think he would be a disaster as a peacetime president. His domestic spending record is atrocious. If you libs don't like Bush as president, you have yourselves to blame. As long as the face of your party is Dean and your nominees are the likes of Kerry, Kennedy and other liberal wingnuts, the Republicans could beat you with, even, say, Rick Santorum.

We're counting on your continued stupidity to finally put you all out of business. Lberals are more dangerous than terrorists and half as smart.

Righteously yours,
Anonymous I

Kevin said...

Well, Anonymous has confirmed that he's a bigot. At least he has that going for him.

Also, you may want to check your stats on welfare. There are roughly 12.5 million African-Americans on welfare, compared to roughly 26.5 million Caucasians on welfare (those stats are few years old...census data only comes out every 10 years I believe).

And if you want to talk about welfare , let's talk about corporate welfare (you know, giving money to those rich white guys because they need that 7th yacht),....which is the real problem.

Secondly, I don't recall mentioning (nor do I remember Ann mentioning) anything about welfare...or SS, or unions, or medicare....

"Lyndon Johnson and the Democratic-controlled House and Senate put the SS fund into the general fund and opened it up to Congressional abuse - so you could buy more votes."

Oh, so since LJ put the SS fund into the general fund, IT'S OK that the Republicans abused it. Love the logic here. It's like a 14 year old blaming Victoria's Secret for his masturbation problem.

As for the rest of your arguments... no facts, just paranoid blather about how everyone is ruining the country except you. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks, kevin, for reinforcing my position of just how harmful you and your fellow liberalistas have been to our past and would continue to be if we let you.
As you said...
"12.5 million African-Americans on welfare, compared to roughly 26.5 million Caucasians on welfare" - I won't dispute your numbers. You failed to point out that blacks are only 11% of the population. That said, you make a good point that welfare is bad for everyone - regardless of race. That I point out how you assholes have kept the blacks down on your voter plantations does not make me a bigot. Kev, you justa gotta look in the mirror sometime and admit that you and those like you have fucked up. Now, about those caucasians, I would surmise that many are rural poor and their crime of choice these days is making/dealing ice. In any event, you liberals have created a welfare culture for blacks and whites that promotes the belief if they vote for you the checks'll keep comin'. Nice try with the old liberal race card angle, though, Sharpton and Jackson would be proud.
Regarding corporate welfare, if you want to reverse tax breaks to corporations in exchange for the jobs they create, go right ahead. I'm sure your union cohorts would love it. I believe that the entire tax system is an abortion. Who the started that system? Woodrow fucking Wilson, a democrat, that's who. Personally, I too, believe some, not all, executive compensation is hideous.
Yes, congressional spending abuse is an equal opportunity problem. I say shit can 'em all if we have to. And, as I said, Bush is equally guilty. But the bastardization of the SS system lies squarely on the liberals slumped shoulders.

"As for the rest of your arguments... no facts, just paranoid blather about how everyone is ruining the country except you. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....."

This sounds just like what a dimwitted liberalista would say when they can't refute a fact or debate a valid point. When you wake up from your nap, why don't you improve on that limited public school education you have by studying the facts and get back to us. Take a look in the mirror while you're at it.


Anonymous I

ACG said...

You're right, Anonymous. Welfare, social security - it's all bad for everyone, people of all races. Much better for them to live in a refrigerator box under a bridge because they got injured on the job or because their company defaulted on their pensions. And those sixteen kids that each and every woman on welfare must have? Well, they never should have had them if they couldn't afford them, so we'll let the kiddies starve, too. Or maybe the government could just take the kids away from the mothers and let the mothers starve!

Jesus, God, and you talk about liberals being bad. Not only have you failed to make any valid arguments, you've succeeded in making yourself sound even more hateful than you did before. Mazel.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes, the old liberal "if you attack my socialist program, no matter that it's fucked-up and made things a mess of the country you must be hateful" defense, with a little Kennedyesque Borking to boot. Right out of the old liberalista handbook.
No doubt, acg, it's gonna take some work to fix what you dumbasses have wrought on our society but your going to have to look yourself in the mirror and admit you all have screwed things up big time before we can start to repair the damage. So, let's get on with it. Let's get that welfare mom a job! Jesus, God, we need a 12 step program for you liberals!
Hey, thanks for bringing up the pension plan bankruptcies. Look at all those airlines and their pension plans tanking because your dumbass liberal icon Jimmy Carter's airline deregulation plan backfired. Just another liberal fuck-up.
By the way, quit yer bitchin' about all the money going down the drain in Iraq. It's a pittance compared to the trillions in waste generated by your mal-designed social programs.

Kevin said...

Thanks Ann, that was going to be my point. It's always "all about me, screw everyone else...especially the less fortunate". And you keep referring to your facts...what facts? It's all bigoted paranoid rhetoric you keep tossing up. Ok, you may have slipped one actual fact in there somewhere.

For the record, 13% of the population is African-American compared to 77% Caucasian (as of 2000). Also, "But, hey, those welfare moms certainly were successful - in having children out of wedlock they couldn't support. Their kids are now on every street corner in the ghetto selling crack" is a bigoted remark. According to Webster's dictionary, bigot is defined as "a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices".

As for my high school education, it has ZERO relevance for this discussion. What a fucking prick. For the record I went to a private Catholic high school (you know, where they teach compassion for the less fortunate) and my four years there (partially paid by myself) cost more than whatever piece of shit, American land-mammoth-gas-guzzler you may drive.

And I NEVER said that everything every Democrat ever did was you seem to imply with all of your comments.

So what now anonymous? You haven't blamed the Jews, Hispanics, or scholarships for anything yet...go for it.

Anonymous said...

I see, kevin. Were we the victim of a little pastoral pedophilia back at ole St. Bernard's orphanage?
You sure have the liberal victim lingo BS down pat. I like the "less fortunate" line in particular.
You don't know what less fortunate is, you elitist boob. But since you insist that the "less fortunate" need socialism to get by in this country, consider my boss. He came from a refugee camp in Thailand after escaping on an overcrowded boat from Viet Nam. His family lived in the camp for three years before finding a relative in the US to get them here. At 16 he ended-up in Galveston speaking not one word of English. Long story short, he got his PhD in mathematics from a three letter acronym school in Boston at the ripe old age of 23.
He has founded three companies and is a multi-millionaire. He nor his family has ever, ever, received nor asked for welfare. Or take my Korean neighbors. They came over and lived with two other families in a two bedroom apartment while they earned enough money to set-up a laundry. When they got the laundry, they moved into the back of it with a Coleman stove to cook on. In less than ten years they have added three other laundries and are in their second home. By the way, they don't own any rims.
Meanwhile, you liberal pukes are making yourself feel good by passing out welfare checks and telling the poor that everything's gonna be OK because Uncle Sam is going to take care of them - as long as they keep voting for you.
Don't shovel this less fortunate shit on me, I ain't buying it.
Damn, St. Mary Manacle must have been rough on you...all that guilt you're carrying around.
And for the record, I can't think of one damn good thing a liberal has done for this country. Sorry, abortions are OK - for pregnant liberals.

apm said...

"Sorry, abortions are OK - for pregnant liberals."

The immigrants you referenced are far more worthy of citizenship in this country than you if that is a statement you can feel proud of.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of it! 58% of americans say they don't support our dear leader when he needs thier support, those liberasta traitors are giving aid to Saddam and his Al Quida terrorist legions. When will you leftists admit that Saddam bombed the World Trade Center? Have you forgotten 9/11?

bill said...

Btw Anon, the largest tax increase in history was under Bush I (the same guy that said whoever leaked the name of a CIA agen was a traitor).

Interesting that you mention Sen. Gore casting deciding votes above, but fail to mention that Sen. Al Gore SR (D-Tn) cast the deciding vote for the civil rights act. Sen Bill Brock, later of Tn, ran against the Sr Gore with that as the centerpiece of his campaign. Isn't that strange? This was about the time Al Jr was in Vietnam and Bush jr was somewhere in either Alabama or Texas (or just laying around drunk, so I guess the Dems had more to do with your boss getting here than the repugs did.) Isn't it odd that your boss went to school in Taxachusatts??? Those zany wacko blue states seem to have all the good schools (except UT of course.) Perhaps that is why liberals can read, whereas repugs have to get thier news from Oxyfied and/or convicted felon talk show hosts.

Anonymous said...

Damn, bill, what a rambling mess. You really need to lay off the luuds. UT? Hook-em horns? Good football, shitty education. Or Rocky Top? Shitty football, shitty education.
Still pissed off about getting your ass kicked last November by some goober, are we? Well, get used to it. And by the by, your legendary illiteracy continues to give away your stupid fake anon posts.
Righteously from the right,
Anonymous I

bill from jc said...

Damn Pascal, you still pissed off about "Don't ask, Don't tell?" Maybe you can find a guard unit that will look the other way and take you.

So no retort as to how the Dems passed the civil rights act, often at the risk of thier political careers? I would have thought you would have had some snappy come back for that, probably based on Iraq attacking New York (you really need to look further into that and not just take Rush's word for it)

Here is another conundrum for you. When Clinton balanced the budget, not one republican Senator voted in favor of it. None. Nada. Zip.

Fiscal conservatives indeed.

King Anonymous the VII said...

That's spelled "ludes" you illiterate dumbass. Put down the oxy and get a spellchecker.

Anonymous said...

bill, "luuds" is short for qualuuds, you illiterate liberal puke.

bill from jc said...

Which is spelled Quaalude, you ignorant dumbass.

I figured as mucch oxy as your leader takes before he goes on the air you would know that.

Here is a link to a helpful article:

bill from jc said...

Btw Anon, you might want to read this before you turn on your right wing radio overlord again:

Just how stupid are you Anon?

Anonymous said...

More billshit from bill, I see. You just can't get enough, can you?

That bottle in front of you with Q-u-a-l-u-u-d-e on the label is counterfeit, bill. Just like the one next to it with V-i-a-g-a-r-a on the label. You gotta quit buying your shit over the internet.

So, I am a pawn of the forces of conservative talk radio, am I? C'mon, billshit, even someone like you with a public school GED can recognize the dismal failings of American liberalism. Surely you don't need some radio blowhard to point it out to you. Well, in your case, we'll have to make yet another exception. For the record, when I can, I listen to sports radio and for humor, I listen to liberal assholes on NPR, National Puke Radio.

But thanks for raising the issue of yet another liberal failure: talk radio. Only a bunch of liberal imbeciles can take talk radio, a proven commodity, and lose money at it. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise, you libs have been pouring good money down black holes for 5 decades. Everything you touch turns to crap. What a bunch of losers.

Hey, pascal, be sure and tell billshit that not one republican senator voted for the balanced budget billshit because it caused the largest tax increase in history.

Billshit, you've given a whole new meaning to the BS acronym. Now, go climb back up Hillary's ass, you pube.

bill from jc said...

Apparently you are pretty damn stupid, you just proved you can't spell lude you dumbass.

The reason the repugs didn't vote for the balanced budget was they were against it. The largest tax increase in history occured under Bush I, they voted for that increase (dumbass,)

I ask again, How stupid are you anon? More importantly, how cowardly are you?

Anonymous said...

You're a real glutton for abuse there billshit.
I'm shaking in my boots, pecker head. Got any more Bush lies, witless? The last one was a real doozy. Lies! Lies! Lies! I tell you! Rove! More lies! What a bunch of shit for brains liberals. Since you butt nuggets can't come up with any winning ideas, I guess all you have left to do is shit all over everyone elses. What a great life you all must live.
Billshit, I surmise based on your anal love for the Gores and UT, you must be a Tennessean - the dentally challenged species no doubt. How about that great socialist disaster called TennCare? McWhorter, another brilliant liberal governor with another ill-advised social program. Last I heard you all were, what, $300 million in the hole? What a bunch of rubes. Now go clean your tooth, goober.

bill from jc said...

Ohhh somebody got anonymous all testy!

(And you spelled McWherter wrong you stupid fuck)

Btw Anon, since you follow Tennessee politics you must surely be aware that Tenncare was in fine shape when Ned Ray left office, it fell apart under Sundquist, a Repugican that your hero the shrub has now appointed to fix medicare,, That should be another inspired move by you shrublicans!

You want Bush's newest lie? How about that he would fire any administrative official involved in leaking the name of Valarie Plame? Or have you assclowns found a way to weasel around that already.

W. It stands for Weasel.

Anonymous. It stands for nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Lies! Lies! Lies! Billshit, lies! TennCare was in trouble from day one, oh toothless one. Another liberal piece of shit social program that has nearly brought Tennessee to its knees.
And, now it's, George lied, again! Ha! What a stupid hick. What's next? Condi lied!
Billshit, you really need to sign-up for my 12 step program for liberals. The first thing you need to do is remove you pecker from the blacks' backsides. You liberals have been sticking it to them for far too long.
Hey, billshit, how's ole Al doing? I haven't seen him since Kerry passed on his offer to help. How's ole Tipsy? Isn't that her name? Tipsy? Or is it Tipster? Bitsy? Bitchy? What the hell is that large woman's name Al's married to?

bill from jc said...

Ohh my, Anon is truly testy! Out of ideas and resorting to homophobic racism. My my, the Republican Party at it's finest. Oh, and calling retired Vice Presidents wives fat! This must be one of those fresh new republican ideas he keeps talking about!

Yep, it takes a big man to hide his name and pick on women.


Anonymous said...

Homophobic racism? Now that's a good liberal label. Let's see what works for about...nah, everybody here already knows what an illiterate hick you are. Damn, my apologies, but I could have sworn that Tipster Gore was a real oinker. Maybe I got her confused with Hillary's corn fed thighs.

bill from jc said...

Evalutating women by thier weight and people by the color of their skin,,, just curious Anon, do you speak for the entire republican party or is yours a special section?

Kevin said...

I love how I went from "limited public education" to an "elitist boob". Anon, you may be the biggest moron I've ever encountered.

As for your boss and neighbors, I'm very happy for them. Just shows that our liberal system does work. If it were in Buchanan's hands, we'd have a chain-link fence around the U.S., and they would still be in Vietnam and Mexico. I'll await my "Thank you" card in the mail.

As for assuming that my family is elitist. You can ask my father. He was raised in a one two bedroom townhouse in one of the poorest parts of Baltimore. He shared that house with his parents, aunt & uncle, grandfather, fours sisters, and three brothers. Both sets of four shared ONE bed. He put himself through a private high school with very little help from his parents (he held down 2 jobs in high school). Then, while also holding down two jobs, put himself through Johns Hopkins Univ.

In my Catholic HS, we were required to do 100 hours of community service every year. Anon, I spent numerous Saturday/Sunday mornings serving the poor at "Our Daily Bread". I spent numerous evenings at the Stella Marris retirement home playing checkers with Mr. Silverwood, organizing and chaperoning dances, and helping to set up monthly flea markets. To this day, I still go to St. Elizabeth's Hall and play checkers with retirees...albeit, not as often as I should. What exactly have you done recently except blame the elderly for taking your SSN money??

With that said, you have nullified every argument you have made to me. Sit down and shut the fuck up.

ACG said...

Oh, Kevin. Don't you see? By giving food to the homeless, you're only perpetuating the cycle of neediness and making them dependent on you and more likely to vote for Democrats, since the homeless have more and more voting power these days. Better, really, for you to let them scrounge for food in dumpsters, so they can have a real sense of accomplishment, or simply die and decrease the surplus population. You're keeping them needy, Kevin, honestly.

And as for Mr. Silverwood, all you're doing is entertaining some worthless old man who no longer contributes to the economy, the rapidly dwindling Social Security Trust Fund Of Deepest Evil, or society as a whole. Hey! Maybe you could tie his feet together and send him down the street for the homeless people to hunt, kill, and eat. That'll kill two birds with one stone, and all without resorting to any of the evil social programs that liberals like you push just to steal money from hard-working Republicans.

Kevin said...

Ah, yes Ann. You have made me see the error or my ways. How could I have been so blind and thoughtless?

Anonymous said...

Kleenex! Where's the fucking Kleenex! Boo, hoo, hooey! What a load of liberal crap. Didn't you know we're all terrorists? 911 was just our chickens comin' home to roost. We don't do nice things. We're all mean. Just ask your fellow leftist Julianne Malveaux.

Kevie, "liberal system?" Well, given that you live in Maryland, I guess you would think we live in a "liberal system" but the rest of us don't. Did I miss something here? You failed to point out which failed liberal social program stroked your daddy a check to live on? Didn't you say he WORKED his way through school? That's called CAPITALISM, dickless. While you were playing tiddlywinks with Mr. Silverman, I was out building a company and hiring his children and profit sharing with them because our failed social security system won't let him pass his residual SS contributions on to them when he passes on.

By the by, lil sis, where did I ever say helping the truly needy was off limits? More liberal wishful thinking, and, as kevie would say, bigotry. Mean ole right wingers wouldn't help anyone, would we? What an ignorant boob.

Hey all you leftist peckerheads, what happened to Gitmo-gate? What? All those nasty accusations by your favorite asshole, Turban Durbin, have proven to be unfounded? Imagine that! Well, I guess its time to move on to the next mudslinging. How about Karl Rove? Yeah, that's the ticket! Rove-gate it is! What a bunch of dipshits. Yet another liberal failure in the making. Cocaine-gate, DUI-gate, Rather-gate, Koran-gate, Gitmo-gate, etc. Failure, failure, failure, failure, failure, failure, yadda, yadda, yadda. The good news here is that leftist journalists will now be cut off from any back channel info. Nobody'll talk to them now.

You fuckwads couldn't sell shit on a stick to a bottle fly. Everything you do backfires. What a bunch of losers.

Anonymous said...

You built a company, but your boss is from Vietnam? Please make up your mind.

Anonymous said...

You don't feel like you're part of building your company? You must be a liberal government bureaucrat, then. You ought to try getting a real job.

Steve said...

After a busy couple weeks, I come back to this great stuff. I so much want to jump in, but since my research is dated (haven't boned up on what a "fuckwad" is) I chose to leave a meaningless juvenile comment back on Practically Harmless (Ann, you really should get more traffic). I'll wait for the next topic. You folks need to relax.

bill from jc said...

That does make for an interesting point anon; earlier you talked about your boss coming over from Vietnam and pulling himself up by the bootstraps, now you say you were busy building a company. While I guess it is not impossible for both to be true, I don't know anyone that talks that way, and I doubt anyone else on here does.

I think this shows that you are a liar, much like your heros Shrub, Dick, KKKarl and Oxy.

Steve said...

OK, Bill. Your crap goaded me into entering.

While I won't sign up to everything Anon had to say, the fact that he takes credit for helping build a successful company and credits a boss for his achievements, doesn't mean either is incorrect or a lie. Very few successful companies are built by individuals. Bill Gates didn't do it alone.

ACG said...

Steve, a girl in search of traffic can get only so blogwhorish before she starts feeling dirty. Not having gotten there yet myself, I'll be down on the corner of North and Piedmont tonight from 11 to 2, with "" henna-tattooed across my bare stomach.

Steve said...

Ann, Maybe your problem is lack of committment. Henna? So temporary. My guess is you branded yourself with a hot iron, people would show up. On the other hand, branding Doug wouldn't hurt you as much and you'd get a lot of idiot brother story lines out of it.

Also, you live in GA right? Shouldn't you be standing on the corner of Peachtree and Something?

bill from jc said...

It doesn't mean that for certain Steve, but who do you know that talks that way? I never heard anyone talk like that, have you? Of course not.

I do admire that you are the only person so far to stand up for Anon. None of the regular neocon's have yet to agree with the man too chickenshit to state his name.

As to Ann's blog, I visit it from time to time and find it to be quite well done. It could use some more info on the Redskins, but all in all a very pleasent and generally troll free domain.

Anonymous said...

Translation of billshit's BS:

I can't imagine that an employee of a company would feel that he/she is a part of making it a success because I've never felt that way. Since I can't comprehend being a contributor to something successful, it must not be possible or true. (It just goes to show that success is a daunting concept to you liberal flunkies.) Oh, I like Ann's blog because no one ever challenges my stupidity over there. You know, we liberals are the only ones who have the right to dissent and call anyone who disagrees with us a liar, traitor, idiot, etc. That great liberal icon, Michael Moore, gave us that right.

"It doesn't mean that for certain." You can slap this dumbass in the face with the truth and facts and he still doesn't get it. Hey, billshit, steve didn't stand-up for me, he just pointed out the obvious to a toothless liberal hick.

ACG said...

'Skins blogging will increase exponentially as football season nears. And my first choice was the corner of Peachtree and Ponce, but then I'd be taking space from the guy on roller skates wearing the drum majorette's uniform.

ACG said...

And for the record, as with this blog, mine is troll-welcome and open to all.

Anonymous said...

Thank yeeeewwww. See ya soon. Nahhh, billshit's gotta have sanctuary somewhere to go and feel good about himself. We'll call it our own little DMZ.

ACG said...

Anonymous, that wasn't an invitation. I'm not saying you'd get blocked if you did show up, but you're not exactly the type to contribute to real, reasoned political discourse. All you've done since you've shown up here is thrown around your hatred for anything liberal and called people names like a second-grader. And even when invited to provide something more than "liberals suck and are bad for America," you've failed to do that. You've done a great job of blaming everything on liberals (even things that took place during conservative-dominated administrations), you've done a great job of ignoring facts placed right in front of you, you've done a great job of reiterating that you do, in fact, loathe liberals, but you still haven't contributed anything to the discussion. I don't think anyone would mourn your absence too awful much.

Anonymous said...

Gee, lil sis, you hurt my feelings. I didn't think liberals were supposed to hurt anyone's feelings. Show me the facts, just the facts and we'll debate them. So far, no facts. You all don't want to debate,you just want to blog you're post facto critiques on your political enemies actions and liberal talking points you cop from other liberal sites. You all can dish it but you can't take it. I ask for George Bush lies and what do I get? Some lame "mission accoplished" crap. This is the lie that makes you hate Bush? Hell, if you hated the terrorists half as much as you all hate Bush, we might be able to lick 'em sooner than later. I ask for the justification of the Bosnian War and what do I get? Nothing. I outline a whole series of failed social programs and what do I get? Some BS about not contributing to the discussion! What discussion? The I hate Bush, the I hate Rove, the "less fortunate", the Harry Potter and the Oval Office discussion? If that's all you want to talk about, I guess you're right...I haven't contributed to that discussion. Why? Because it's so intellectually dishonest. Anybody can regurgitate talking points. We know it doesn't take a brain, consider billshit, for example. Now, go back to your cube and tell us what hem length is going to be "in" this season.

Steve said...

Yes. I hear people talking about helping build successful companies all the time. And the other point Anon makes that I agree with is that I wasn't sticking up for him. Bill and Anon can keep up the mutual drivel session without my endorsement.

ACG said...

Hems are long, jackets are short, it's Baby Sis, I apologize if I hurted your fee-fees, and you've gotten plenty of responses to your questions. Justification for the Bosnian war? Check. Examples of Bush's lies? Check, and "Mission Accomplished" was only the beginning. That's what I was saying earlier; you deny the facts that are placed in front of you. You ask for Bush lies, someone gives you Bush lies, and you say, "Oh, well, uh, that, uh, doesn't count. Gimme another one." As for your examples of the way that liberals are destroying the world, your basic contribution was that social programs are evil and only perpetuating the needy state of the people they purport to help (or something; that's what I could gather from your comment). But the programs that you specified were either created through bipartisan effort, or put out there without any conservative opposition other than, "Oh, if you tax me, I won't be able to buy a bigger sailboat!" Now, which part of that is a meaningful contribution to discourse?

ACG said...

Oh, and I did once help build a successful law firm, but it made me feel all icky so I stopped.

Kevin said...

"Hell, if you hated the terrorists half as much as you all hate Bush, we might be able to lick 'em sooner than later."

Do me this one favor. Find something, article, an op-ed piece, a pamphlet, a talking parrot, ANYTHING that says we liberals don't hate terrorists.

I'll be sitting here...awaiting your return.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, baby sis, but please explain the lie in a banner hanging on an aircraft carrier returning from a war zone that says "Mission Accomplished?" It didn't say "Victory" or "The War is Over." I believe that the mission was indeed accomplished or is this another parsing of the definition of what "is" is? And, it seems that you have more lies. Please, dish 'em out but please apply Webster's definition, not the liberal definition.
Yes, after several weeks of cowering from the question, some unknown blogger showed-up to admit that genocide was the main reason for the Bosnian intervention. My question to you libs is: why isn't it sufficient justification for Iraq...Rwanda...Congo...etc.? If it was good enough for Bill.... I'm sure you'll choose to ignore this one.
The social programs I cited were contrived and pushed through by democrats and liberals. Everyone has been a failure. Everyone of 'em needs to be eliminated and replaced with a program that leverages capitalism not socialism. Or should we continue to throw good money after bad? And the reality of your comment is: If you tax me, I'll have to eliminate jobs/won't be able to replace outdated equipment/invest in my business. People that worry about sailboat purchases get paid with dividends and don't pay income tax the way you or I do. But, if they did, so what? They took the risk, they built the business that created jobs for their employees and they should enjoy the fruits of their efforts. Envious liberals think the government is better suited to distribute the wealth. Right?
Damn shame about longer hems.

Anonymous said...

Please, where did I say liberals don't hate terrorists? I said you hate Bush more than terrorists. Hell, some of you hate America more than you hate terrorists. And if you want a quote to prove it:

Asked point-blank if the U.S. was a "terrorist nation," Malveaux shot back: "Oh, Absolutely."


Asked if America was "a good country," Malveaux responded tersely: "We're a country."

That's well known liberal icon Julianne Malveaux of NPR and CNN fame.

Read it and weep, bunky.

Anonymous said...

anon, if bush had said from the begining that we're going into iraq to free the people from a horrible dictator who practices genocide, then nobody would be calling him a liar regarding the war.

But he didn't. He sent his admin around telling everyone in the world that Iraq had WMD, was a legitimate & direct threat to the US & was a major sponsor of Al-Queda.

All three were untrue. And he was very deliberate in trumping up the charges. That makes him and his administration, liars.

Preventing genocide as a reason to invade a country is very different from protecting the US from a credible threat.

Also, not everyone who worries about not buying a sailboat because of taxes built a business. Some were just born into money. So, actually, not every rich person is a productive member of society and they don't all contribute to the working person's wallet - some actually just take money out of said wallet.

Isn't it beautiful that one of those unproductive people is sitting in the oval office right about now.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, I can't believe I've got to do this...

lie: A lie is a statement made by someone who believes or suspects it to be false, in the expectation that the hearers may believe it.

No liar here. Unless you want to include Chirac, Blair and Putin. All of whom believed that the WMD intelligence was corroborated and irrefutable. We now know that Iraq ATTEMPTED to purchase nuclear materials from Niger. Further, ties to al qaid are documented in David Kay's report and the 911 Commission report. Further, Ramsey Yousef, nephew of Kahlid Mohammad, and a fugitive from the original WTC bombing, entered the United States on an Iraqi passport and had been known among the New York fundamentalists as "Rashid, the Iraqi". I guess there is no connection here, eh? All of this makes you a lying liberal puke.

Still no justification? Let's see 17 UN resolutions stuck up our butts, genocide, rape rooms, Saddam's security forces executed dozens of Shiite men and boys in Dujail in retaliation for a failed assassination attempt. More than 100 others were jailed and executed years later.

The number of people "born to money" are very few. Most of today's wealthy are self-made entrepreneurs - by a long, long shot. The only people who TAKE money from a wallet is the government. They have given themselves the right to take it from you at the point of a gun, you envious liberal simpleton. Besides, as long as you liberals support SS the way it is today, most blacks won't see legacy wealth, you racist liberal pubes.

Finally, the reason Bush is in the White House is because you dickweeds nominated the ultimate liberal patrician blowhard that couldn't beat his meat much less a Bush. No pun intended.

Keep those liberal lies comin'.

Kevin said...

Read what and weep? She never said she doesn't hate terrorists. All you did was change the argument. I believe we've had this discussion already about Malveaux. Feel free to scroll up to answer any questions you may have. Let me know when you have something to base your argument on.

"I believe that the mission was indeed accomplished..."
Annnnnd what mission would that be exactly? Please Anon, enlighten the group.

You're right. Not every liberal social program has passed with flying colors. But they are steps in the right direction. A kid doesn't walk the first time he tries.

"My question to you libs is: why isn't it sufficient justification for Iraq...
Well, mainly because, um, I dunno....THAT WASN'T THE REASON WE WERE GIVEN FOR GOING TO IRAQ!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, how about using an actual dictionary:

Lie: To present false information with the intention of deceiving.

Was false information presented by the Bushies to deceive the world into believe that Saddam posed a credible threat to us or are allies? Yes. Hmm, that alone makes him a liar.

Your other points are worthless - particularly the part that had nothing to do with 911 - oh wait, I see, it's not worthless. Now I see, the Iraq war was in retalliation for the first attack on WTC and had nothing to do with 911. Wow, that makes so much sense now. Thanks asshole. Does that make Bush less of a liar? Nope, he didn't mention WTC 1 attack when building up the war.

Oh and the number of people who are wealthy today are very few - by a long shot. Who cares about legacy wealth when you can't feed your kids? Oh, right, the middle class. The middle class that can barely make ends meet because gas prices are too high or because taxes are too high (you must remember local taxes - what the feds don't cover, the state must make up somehow). Yeah, they're concerned with legacy wealth. So give them back the money they've put in SS and the money they're going to put in and let's see how many actually find the way to invest it. How many use it to save for the future instead of paying for their kids' college or that car or that gas bill. Legacy wealth. Hah! Most people won't see legacy wealth regardless of SS.

Anonymous said...

Read what and weep? She never said she doesn't hate terrorists. All you did was change the argument. I believe we've had this discussion already about Malveaux. Feel free to scroll up to answer any questions you may have. Let me know when you have something to base your argument on.
Damn, you're on dense liberal. I'm not going to explain the thread to you. Read it.
"I believe that the mission was indeed accomplished..."
Annnnnd what mission would that be exactly? Please Anon, enlighten the group.
Dickless, the aircraft carrier was on a mission. Specifically deployed to the Gulf to provide strategic and tactical air cover to ground troops and to take-out specific targets. IF you want to, you can get the specific mission order number with a FOI. I guess according to you great liberal military minds, the USS Lincoln failed its mission.

You're right. Not every liberal social program has passed with flying colors. But they are steps in the right direction. A kid doesn't walk the first time he tries.
Right, these kids have been stumbling around for 50, count 'em, 50 years and they still can't take two steps. They suffer from motor control problems brought on by brain dead liberals.

"My question to you libs is: why isn't it sufficient justification for Iraq...
Well, mainly because, um, I dunno....THAT WASN'T THE REASON WE WERE GIVEN FOR GOING TO IRAQ!!!
Right, those damn lies again. Sounds like Bush fucked-up. He never should have trusted Tenet and his buffoons or listened to Chirac, Blair, Putin, etc. Too bad for those Iraqis. Just think, if it hadn't been for his screw-up, Uday and Kusay could still being having their way with all that virgin pusay.
So, am I to believe that you liberals aren't happy that we've liberated the Iraqis and deposed Saddam?

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes. The liberal version of a lie. Convenient. So, relaying false information alone makes it a lie? All them fucking lying weathermen. When they say it's gonna rain and it doesn't, it's a lie? Shit, my wife oughta divorce me for being a chronic liar. Delta gets me home late all the time. Them fucking lying airlines making a liar out of me. How about you women? You lie all the time! That's not your real're not that tall. Talk about false information? You really don't like giving blowjobs.
Here's a real lie: "I did not have sex with that woman!" or "I was in Cambodia on Christmas night!" or "Bush is going to restart the draft." And so it goes.
A lie is KNOWINGLY relaying false information in order to deceive. Ask any lawyer worth his salt.
Who cares about legacy wealth? Well, obviously, you liberals don't. You want the blacks to pay in all their life and leave their benefits to some old cracker! But that's OK because they can't even feed their crack babies now. One thing people in this country don't have a problem with is starvation. We're the fastest of the fat. When was the last time you saw a starving person in this country who wasn't the subject of abuse or neglect? We must have SS because we need the government to manage our money for us! That may be true for some. Like those in the welfare class you turds created with your feel good handouts. Talk about hypocrisy...liberals are for personal freedom and civil liberties, right? Then why the hell did you chain a whole people to that ball called welfare? The great society my ass.
You liberals are a pathetic bunch.

Anonymous said...

Actually, your wife oughta divorce you because you're an ass.

try reading the definition before commenting. I believe it said with the intention to decieve, which would indeed imply that the liar knew it to be a false statement. ANd let's see, clinton lied about a blowjob and who died? bush lies about why we're going to war and who died? yeah, that's about even. Obviously they're on the same level.

but the names you come up with for liberals are at least amusing.

here's a real lie: you're intelligent.

and legacy wealthy? again, how can you be concerned with legacy wealth when you're working three jobs just to pay rent and hope that there's enough left over for food... be honest here... legacy wealth is the last thing on your mind when your family is living below the poverty line... I guess being an elitist shithead doesn't allow you much time to go slumming with all those you so adamently hate and find out what really is important to those people...

Steve said...

1st you anonymous guys need to pick a freaking fake name so the rest of us can easily shit on the correct one of you.

The Anon who's defending Bush is making some valid points that are being ignored.

1. There is no evidence Bush lied.
2. Welfare as it exists is a program that encourages the lack of initiative.
3. Leaving SS wealth is a huge benefit to the working poor. Receiving $10k all at once can be a life-changing event if managed correctly.
4. No one starves in this country unless they are incredibly stupid or are being abused and/or neglected by those trusted with their care.
5. While I think some of his statements on blacks are "insensitive" to say the least, the underlying arguments are correct.
6. Some of the liberal comment here are elitist by implying that the working poor will not save and invest any "inheritance" they receive and just spend it. That's what the government does with the money.

Where he/she is wrong is the subject of Bosnia. Bush didn't use humanitarian reasons for going to Iraq, so the comparison is meaningless.

If news reports are correct, millions of uneducated Mexicans cross the border every year. Find work and manage to survive just fine. Why do we have uneducated unemployed people in this country? Lack of initiative and any real sense of self-respect in my opinion.

ACG said...

I'll actually (gasp) agree with Steve on one point - welfare, as it exists, ain't perfect. It does, in fact, discourage initiative, in that it encourages people to work while simultaneously penalizing them when they start to make too much money. Ask my aunt about her quadruplegic friend whose disability benefits went $18 above the limit for Medicaid, such that his benefits were cut and the poor man (young man, even, mid-twenties) ended up in a nursing home.

Everyone accepts that the welfare system is deeply flawed; they just disagree about how to fix it. The conservative take is that we need to cut it out entirely, lest the government spend money on the undeserving, and then carefully parcel out money to those that truly do need it. The liberal take is that we need to keep it going, because even if some undeserving are getting benefits, it's better than the deserving going without. I suppose you could put it in terms of which is more important, your hard-earned money or needy human beings, but I won't, because Anonymous is going to get his fee-fees hurted again.

I'll also agree that there is no evidence that Bush lied in the sense of knowing one thing and saying the opposite. However, the Downing Street memos (corroborated by other Bush statements), which seem to have been largely ignored over on this side of the pond, give pretty good indications that Bush had every intention of invading Iraq with or without provocation, and was willing to manipulate any and all evidence to get the people to go along with it. This is where the legal standard of the truth comes into play, in terms of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. He has knowingly manipulated all of the above, and that means he lied.

Anonymous said...

steve, I am Anonymous I. The other occasional anonymous is bill from jc, better known as billshit. When he gets his butt kicked he runs to Ann's for a group hug and to lick his wounds and then he comes back as "anonymous." You can tell it's him because he's an illiterate liberal hick from Tennessee. He misspelled "adamently" in the post before yours - a dead giveaway. He'll go away now. What a douche bag.

I agree with almost everything you said. Bosnia is an exception. Bosnia was not only for humanitarian reasons but the prior regime had territorial aspirations as well. Specifically, they put Mesopotamia in play. Genocide was definitely a common theme for both actions. The Iraq massacres were more compelling because it demonstrated that Hussein had and was willing to use WMDs - even on his own people.

billshit, most people that live below the line in this country have cars, color tvs and cell phones. Back in the 90's TennCare did an audit on 9,000 delinquent uninsured recipients. They found that 12% had American Express cards, 40% had cable TV and 60% had cell phones. Yet they couldn't pay their $19 a month for the best healthcare coverage in the state of Tennessee. That's what your "less fortunate" really look like. Now, go back to Ann's.

ACG said...

As for the uneducated Mexicans, though, Steve, you talk like they're living in lovely four-bedroom houses and driving quaint little Kias. Take a trip down to any of the farms in rural Georgia that subsist largely on migrant labor from undocumented immigrants. They're not unemployed because they're working for less than minimum wage to spend ten hours a day picking onions, and their job security is entirely dependant on the guy in the pickup truck coming to get them in the morning. While I can't say that every single illegal immigrant is working on a farm, in a factory, or cleaning someone else's toilets, the vast majority of them aren't padding their kids' college funds with cushy office jobs. The reason you hear their heart-warming success stories on the news at night is because they're the exception, not the rule, and it's not from laziness.

Anonymous said...

Two Arabs were sitting in a Gaza Strip bar, chatting over a pint
of fermented goat's milk. One pulled his wallet out and started
flipping through pictures, and they started reminiscing. "This is
my oldest son, he's a martyr," the first Arab commented.

"You must be so proud of him," says the other.

"And this is my second son," the first Arab continued. "He is a martyr also."

"A fine looking young man, " replied his friend. After a pause and a deep
sigh, the second Arab said wistfully, "They blow up so fast, don't they?

bill from jc said...

This from a guy that can't spell quaalude?

Bush knew there were no wmds, his own intelligence told him so. Never the less he claimed Iraq did.

That is a lie.

Bush knew the Mission was not accomplished, yet like a modern day PT Barnum he festooned an aircraft carrier with that claim, and jacked his balls up with web belting and claimed the same.

That too is a lie.

The list goes on and on.

Anon is a little chickenshit whose mommy won't sign for him to be in the Boy Scouts, much less the military, so he spews his drivel on here for all to wallow in. And he is the best example of reasoning the right wingers on this blog have come up with. He probably judges women by how much they weigh because he has never kissed a girl,,, they are probably too physically repulsed by him. Even his mommy, She bought him a dog so she would not have to hang around with him. The dog committed suicide by running into traffic rather than have to put up him. The best thing he ever produced was flushed a few minutes later, and he never served his country or had a job. No one would hire him.

bill from jc said...

What's the matter anon? Won't your mommy let you on the internet to say something back to the big mean man that is telling the truth about you? Is she taking you back to school shopping today just as soon as you finish your Count Chocula? Is she trying to cheer you up by telling you how handsome and popular you are? Because that is a lie too! No one likes you, you are unattractive and smell bad. Your cloths are wrinkled and unwashed. Girls don't want anything to do with you and to add insult to injury the openly gay men reject you as well. Your daddy left because of you (despite what your mommy has told you.) Your imaginary friend, the Veit Ameican? He only keeps you around because he feels sorry for you, and he doesn't even exist.

And you are still too chickenshit to show your name, you coward.

Have a nice day, loser.

ACG said...

I'm totally on your side here, but Jesus, God, Bill, shut up already.

Steve said...

Just because you keep saying it, doesn't mean it is true. I am totaly not on your side here, and Jesus, God, Bill, shut up already.

Anonymous said...

You don't understand these people, steve.

As Lenin said:

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth."


"Capitalists are no more capable of self-sacrifice than a man is capable of lifting himself up by his own bootstraps."


"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."


"The goal of socialism is communism."

These are the principles that guide this crowd. They envy the wealthy rather than admire them for their achievements and aspire to excell in their own right. They seek to destroy capitalism rather than exploit its strengths to meet the needs of all. They literally bite the hand that feeds them every day. They want to eliminate individual achievement because they don't want to hurt the feelings of the underachievers. They seek to dumb-down everything to the point where the rest of world passes us by. They want to be French, not American. They are blinded by their hate for Bush. Some hate America. They have elevated terrorists to victim status. Their approach to defeating the enemy is to open up a dialog with them or group therapy. They think if we appease our enemies, they will go away. They are delusional and they are a threat to us, each and every one.

Anonymous I

PS Billshit, you're on your own now. I don't want you to have a cerebral popper or an AMI on my behalf.

ACG said...

And one more time - Jesus, God, Anonymous I, shut up already.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts, eh, Ann?

Kevin said...

Righteously? Now THAT'S funny.

bill from jc said...

No Kevin you don't understand these people. When they can't bully you around because you stand up to thier petty insults, and their ideas are just regurgitations of talk radio, they simply resort to McCarthyism and call you communist. Fact is, if you compare them to Hitler or Khomeni they get all touchy about it. In the end they are such pussies that fine folks like Ann have to come to thier defense because in a battle of wits guys like anon are completely unarmed. This guy is the same troll that does not know what gun is on the tank he claimed to load, or what the nature of the criminal charge he claimed to have committed was. He just keeps changing his name and coming back for more. Each time he is exposed as a bigger liar than the last, each time he tries to drown us with his hysterical bile, each time he makes the conservatives around here look worse. The conservatives, many of whom I respect even when I think they are wrong as Judas, stand idly by whilst he runs their image into the ground. Does anyone other than Blonde Skelators trying to sell a book think like this moron? Do you really beleive that 48 % of the country are traitors? Do your really believe that Bush has told the truth about Iraq shopping for uranium or that "Mission Accomplished" was anything more than a photo op, one that is tragically incorrect? Do you really think like Anon?

bill from jc said...

And how is it you know so much Lenin there Anon, are you a commie? Is that the secret you have been hiding? Do you have a chinese flag in your room beside the Britney Spears poster (she doesn't like you either btw)

It's odd that I have never heard a liberal on here quote communist, but you seem to be really into it. Do you want to rename Washington DC "Ho Chi Mein DC?"

I aint got a lot of patience with commies you cowardly loser.

Anonymous said...

Aye, yi, yi! Should we call 911 or a priest first? Loading guns, tanks, commies, chinese flags, Britney Spears, criminal charges, Judas, yada, yada, yada. Too much baggage for me to handle.
What the hell is a Blonde Skelators?

bill said...

Blonde Skelator is the most famous Conservanazi masterbation fantasy (other than Laua the First Lady of Prozac,) You have probably spent many nights touching yourself and thinking of her golden tresses and prominant adams apple.