Wednesday, August 10

Schadenfreude: It's what's for dinner.

Far be it from me to take pleasure in the misfortune of others . . . well, no, wait, that's pretty much what I do all the time.

Anyway, I may be coming to this particular party pretty late, but TBOGG called attention today to a hilarious story (passed along to him through some other folks) about what happens when you're the lead singer of a formerly popular arena-rock band that rhymes with "Greed" and the clock has just ticked over to 15:00, and the horny groupies just aren't lining up outside your trailer like they used to, and you're forced to slink up to a Denny's in Gainesville, Florida, to meet up with a girl who might let you get some tail. Aparently, it goes a lot like this.

Now, I've never been one to give the University of Florida props for much of anything, but if they have students smart enough to pull off a prank this hilarious, then they can't be all bad.

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