Tuesday, August 30

OK, so I'm unoriginal, but at least I'm unoriginal in an original way.

After reading this bit of hilarity from TBOGG, I couldn't help but be reminded of another scene from "Life of Brian," particularly in light of some recent accusations that Democrats have never accomplished anything of substance. See if this scene sounds familiar:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: We're gettin' in through the underground heating system here, up through into the main audience chamber here, and John Kerry's wife's bedroom is here. Having grabbed his wife, we inform Kerry that she is in our custody and forthwith issue our demands. Any questions?

KEYBOARD KOMMANDO HINDERAKER: What exactly are the demands?

KARL ROVE: We're giving Kerry two days to dismantle the entire apparatus of the Democratic Party, and if he doesn't agree immediately, we execute her.

SEAN HANNITY: Cut her head off?

RUSH: Cut all her bits off. Send 'em back on the hour every hour. Show them we're not to be trifled with.

KARL: And of course, we point out that they bear full responsibility when we chop her up, and that we shall not submit to blackmail!


KARL: They've bled us white, the bastards. They've taken everything we had, and not just from us, from our fathers, and from our fathers' fathers.

KEN MEHLMAN: And from our fathers' fathers' fathers.

KARL: Yeah.

KEN: And from our fathers' fathers' fathers' fathers!

KARL: Yeah. All right, Ken. Don't labour the point. And what have they ever given us in return?!

HANNITY: Social Security?

KARL: What?

HANNITY: Social Security.

KARL: Oh. Yeah, yeah. They did give us that. Uh, that's true. Yeah.

KOMMANDO GOLDBERG: And the balanced budget.

KEN: Oh, yeah, the balanced budget, Karl. Remember what the budget used to be like?

KARL: Yeah. All right. I'll grant you Social Security and the balanced budget are two things that the Democrats have done.

RUSH: And the national parks.

KARL: Well, yeah. Obviously the national parks. I mean, the national parks go without saying, don't they? But apart from Social Security, the balanced budget, and the national parks --



KOMMANDOS: Huh? Heh? Huh . . .


KOMMANDOS: Ohh . . .

KARL: Yeah, yeah. All right. Fair enough.


KOMMANDOS: Oh, yes. Yeah . . .

HINDERAKER: Yeah. Yeah, that's something we'd really miss, Karl, if the Democrats left. Huh.


KEN: And they won two world wars, Karl.

HINDERAKER: Yeah, they certainly know how to win wars. Let's face it. They're the only ones who could in a place like this.

KOMMANDOS: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

KARL: All right, but apart from Social Security, the balanced budget, national parks, civil rights, the TVA, public education, the FDIC, the Air Force, and winning two world wars, what have the Democrats ever done for us?

HANNITY: Brought prosperity.

KARL: Oh, prosperity? Shut up!

Now for the debate: Which is funnier, "Life of Brian" or "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"? My vote's for "Brian," but I'm interested to hear what everyone else says . . .


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

That's a tough one.

But I probably have to go for the Holy Grail; it was made on such a low budget, and changed what a comedy movie was expected to be.

But on the other hand, LOB was banned by uptight religious types. It's always bonus funny when those idiots get riled up.

It's a tie.

DougBot said...

Holy Grail is a more entertaining film, but Life of Brian does make one think a bit more. "Yes, we're all different!" stays with you longer than "And there was much rejoicing."

I'm very fond of The Crimson Permanent Assurance.

Anonymous said...

you can't beat "Run away, run away" from Monty for the perfect advice to handle difficult situations!

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

True, but one of the best exchanges in all of filmdom was the one dougbot alluded to --

BRIAN: Look, you've got it all wrong! You don't need to follow me, you don't need to follow anybody! You've got to think for your selves! You're ALL individuals!
ENTIRE CROWD: Yes! We're all individuals!
BRIAN: You're all different!
ENTIRE CROWD: Yes, we are all different!

Anonymous said...

maybe I saw Briantoo late in my life, where as I saw Montyat a young impressionable age - it sticks much more vividly in my mind, and kicks in at the most inappropriate times. Thank goodness I do not own coconut shells!