Saturday, August 6

Just in case anyone was curious . . .

. . . Frappuccinos are still delicious, Georgia Tech still sucks, and George W. Bush is still floundering.

First off, his overall approval rating is now down to 42 percent. For anything other than a batting average, forty-two percent ain't gonna get you real far in life, kids. His approval rating specifically regarding his handling of the Iraq war -- oops, my bad, the struggle against ideological extremists who do not believe in free societies who happen to use terror as a weapon to try to shake the conscience of the free world -- is at 38 percent, even worse.

But go back to that first linked article and you find that for the first time, a majority of people don't think that Bush is honest -- fully half the people polled don't think he's honest, while only 48 percent do. (OK, sure, the numbers are close, but going by the standards Republicans used to crow about the 2004 election results, we anti-Bushies now have a mandate to call Bush a liar.)

Anyway, I now officially reserve the right to roll my eyes and make the jerk-off hand gesture anytime someone refers to Dubya as "popular," "honest," or "strong on terror."

But faced with this sort of mounting criticism and the deadliest roadside bomb attack since the start of the Iraq war, Bush did what any serious War President would do: He went on a month-long vacation.

Glad he's enjoying himself.

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