Tuesday, August 23

Better late than never, I guess.

Due to technical issues that pretty much put my computer on the DL for the entire weekend, I totally whiffed on my responsibilities as part of Pandagon's Blog Like a Conservative Day. So, uh, let me just say that the potent thought and iron-clad logic of liberal blogs like Steve Audio and Obsidian Wings are irrefutable proof of the superiority of the liberal blogosphere. Pandagon, naturally, has much more to say on this subject, and it goes without saying that they are 100-percent correct in absolutely every one of their points. The sheer brilliance of their positions is such that anyone who disagrees with them, even slightly, is clearly an America-hater, Islamofascist sympathizer, or worse.

Furthermore, liberal blogger Matt Lavine is proof not only of the superiority of liberals but also of Kenyon College, to every other institute of higher learning other than the University of Georgia, of course, and obviously not in football.

So there you have it. More posts as events warrant, or as George Soros and his coterie of Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Overlords operating out of the secret underground MoveOn.com headquarters permit me.

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