Thursday, October 22

Five for Slive podcast: What's the matter with the refs, Florida, Auburn, the BCS, and everything else?

It's my turn to host the Five for Slive podcast this week, in which Jerry Hinnen of War Blog Eagle and I discuss topics of note in the SEC. This week we get our licks in at SEC officiating, diagnose a couple of ailing offenses, and toss out a few upset opportunities.

MP3 File

Other places you can find me this week:

· At Dr. Saturday, sampling the tears of Ohio State fans and taking stock of an Oklahoma team that might be playing for its season this weekend against Kansas.

· At EDSBS, inflicting my usual strain of terrible gambling advice on an unsuspecting public. (Hey, not my problem. Y'all really should be "suspecting" by now.)

· On Twitter, where, wow, I've managed to come across as really angry the past couple days.


Universal Remonster said...

I was thinking about that when I saw your twitter yesterday. Someone needs a martini.

smartpenguin78 said...

I just downloaded them. I'm very excited for the humor/angst in audio form. Of course I tend to love well made podcasts about random stuff. :-)

Tenacious G said...

Holy Shit Doug, I've read your blog for 2 years and thought your name was pronounced "jill-ette" this whole time.

Moon Cricket said...

You know what, eventually he got to dance with Jenny Slater