Monday, June 21

Do you do parties?

Here's a jaunty beginning to your work week:

Just out of curiosity, how does the Nobel Committee decide whether to award prizes in new categories? 'Cause if ever there was a reason to award a Nobel Prize in Beatboxing, this would be it. I mean, come on, this is at least as worthwhile as the Chemistry prize. (Stupid chemistry. "Oh, look at me! I mixed a bunch of chemicals in a bottle! Where's my million dollars?" Hmm, I don't know, can you do the sped-up music from Super Mario World? You can't? Then I guess you don't get a million dollars. [/realtalk])


B Bad Presents said...

That is neat. This is a cool website. I will be back soon.

Kanu said...

D Gizzle-

I've been swamped the last 10 days, but just wanted to say welcome back man. Don't blow those 1st paychecks on bullshit consumer toys, as I expect to see you now in Boulder on Oct 2.

Unknown said...

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