Wednesday, October 22

Week 8 BlogPoll ballot, updated.

Proof that your comments do, in certain instances, prompt me to rethink my stupid-ass opinions: Jerry Hinnen of the quite excellent Auburn blog The Joe Cribbs Car Wash looked at my last BlogPoll ballot and asked why I had Pitt below South Florida, given that the Panthers had knocked off the Bulls in their own house. The only reasons I could come up with were lingering prejudice against the Wannstache and a dearth of attention paid to Pitt in general this year, neither of which seemed good enough in retrospect, so I moved some teams around, and here's what resulted:

The differences between this and the last ballot: South Florida goes from 13 to 18, but you'll note that a #18 ranking for USF doesn't represent any change from the previous week's ballot, which seems fair for a team that didn't do anything other than destroy a terrible Syracuse team at home this past weekend. As a result of USF moving out of the #13 spot, Boise State, Kansas, and Missouri rise up a notch. Pitt goes from 20 to 17, which causes Brigham Young and Georgia Tech to each drop a notch. Everything below that stays the same.

Oh, wait, I just remembered the other reason why I'm prejudiced against Pittsburgh: because Mark May went there. Still, probably not the most objective rationale for doing something.

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The Surge is working!