Tuesday, October 21

A swift (and well-deserved) kick in the balls.

I don't cover a lot of high-school football on this blog, or in fact any that I can recall, but this AJC.com story caught my eye:

Controversy follows girl football kicker

A female football kicker was let back on the field last weekend. But controversy keeps swirling around the decision to let her play football with home-schooled and private school boys.

The Georgia Football League official who sidelined Spalding County kicker Kacy Stuart for most of the season based on her gender gave in and allowed her to play. But he doesn’t want to discuss it.

“There’s no story,” said Hank St. Denis, the league’s executive board chairman. “She’s playing, isn’t she? End of story.”

Little defensive there, Hank, but whatever. The funniest part of the story, however, was this:

The first team Kacy faced relied on the Bible to express its beliefs about female football players in a pre-game statement, said New Creation athletic director Coach Ken Townley.

“The East Atlanta Mustangs didn’t play us under protest but they were allowed to read a statement on their beliefs about female football players,” Townley said. “They used biblical verses from the book of Romans. I was very stunned by that.”

Mustangs Coach Alan Hawkins did not immediately return phone calls or e-mails Monday asking for comment. St. Denis didn’t want to discuss why he changed his mind after being sent a letter from an attorney representing the Stuarts.

The Crusaders beat the Mustangs 39-8, with Kacy doing all the kicking and completing three extra-point attempts, Townley said.

Wow, a 31-point loss? That's some team you got there, Coach Hawkins. Maybe your time would be better spent coming up with some new plays rather than scouring the Bible for reasons girls shouldn't be allowed to play football. (Or, alternately, you could just pray for your own team instead of preaching against other teams.)

Just out of curiosity, I wonder how the East Atlanta Mustangs feel about Sarah Palin?


Anonymous said...

It's weird to have girls play football, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. I have two very young daughters, but if either of them wanted to play football, you better believe I'd support it.

Good post. Time for some of us southerners to crawl out of the past. [And by this I do not mean vote for Obama. There is no good reason to do something crazy like that.]

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Crusaders are not aware of the 21st commandment - Get it Right! A shame really...


Deanna said...

Or maybe Coach Hawkins needs to pick up a couple of female players of his own!

A Free Man said...

"The first team Kacy faced relied on the Bible to express its beliefs about female football players in a pre-game statement..."

That loss has got to some sort of karmic justice. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Good point on asking how the Mustangs feel about Palin. They feel that she and people living in small towns are the only true Americans, but girls playing football is blasphemous? The evangelicals are too inconsistent in their ideology to be trusted with the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

@ aux arcs: awesome last line. I almost choked while reading that.