Wednesday, October 1

Look but don't touch.

This morning while I was going to work -- and I won't bother going into what exactly brought this realization on -- I thought to myself, "You know, Birmingham must have more MILFs per capita than any other city in the country." I don't know whether it's my proximity to Mountain Brook or just a greater preponderance of younger families in the Birmingham area, there just seem to be a whole lot of 'em around here.

Unfortunately, as Tasty Booze shows us, this isn't necessarily a good thing:

And that, if the headline is accurate, was just one MILF. Imagine the sort of havoc that could be caused with a dozen MILFs? Or a hundred? A thousand?

I wonder if Sarah Palin will be asked about this in the vice-presidential debate tomorrow. She's one of them, it's only fair to make her answer for the crimes of her people.


Mackie said...

North Atlanta, Peachtree Corners. If not equally milf'd then we at least beat B'ham in number of velour sweatsuits in a given shopping center.

But I used to work at the Barnes & Noble up at The Summit, it is definitely a gathering place for the middle-aged housewife.

Anonymous said...

I worked at the Starbucks in Vestavia Hills. You could say it was my MILF appreciation bootcamp. Oh my God.

I'm glad others have taken notice of this pleasant phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Just moved from Athens to the Mountain Brook area.

I'll second that!