Saturday, April 28

Suck it, Florida!

The entire world of college athletics owes the University of Georgia, and more specifically the UGA gymnastics team, a hearty thanks today. The Gym Dawgs blew away the rest of the field to claim their third straight national title last night in Salt Lake City, and in doing so relegated the Florida team -- who had been #1 for most of the year -- to third place. Yes, Virginia, somebody has finally kept Florida from winning a national championship in something.

Mayor King at Dawgsports has a full rundown of just how badly Georgia beat everybody else. He says "red-headed stepchild"; my own assessment runs more along the lines of "rented mule," but we'll compromise and say "rented stepchild." Deal?

The guys at EDSBS, not surprisingly, have nothing to say about this. Complete radio silence since yesterday afternoon. That's right, pansies -- when you're ready to come take your lumps, I'll be waiting.

Congratulations, Gym Dawgs. We'll be rooting for a four-peat (quadrupeat?) next year.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard anyone in the national sports media mention that the SEC owns every NCAA title of any account this year?

Anonymous said...

And we did it with zero seniors this weekend. Katie Heenan said she's not leaving Athens without 4 rings. I tend to believe her... now let's just hope the tennis team can finish the drill this year unlike last season when we went undefeated all year only to drop a heartbreaker to Pepperdine in the National Championship match. Golf teams aint too shabby either... Go Dawgs!