Monday, April 2

Bloggerpalooza update.

I've been receiving scattered inquiries about the hopefully-big Bloggerpalooza tailgate for the G-Day spring game this coming Saturday, April 7. The latest information: The game is kicking off a little bit later this year than in previous years -- it's scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday -- so we'll be getting started about 10:30 a.m. Assuming the weather holds up, which seems to think it will, we'll be setting up on the North Campus quad, as close to the front of the Main Library as possible (only about a 5-minute walk from the stadium). Visual aid:

Our fallback position in case of rain, tsunami, or plague of locusts will be the North Campus Parking Deck, a venue with which Bloggerpalooza co-founder Kyle King and I are all too familiar.

Anyway: E-mail me right now, this very instant, at (at) gmail if you plan on attending -- let me know if you have any questions and also what you might be able to contribute to the festivities. If memory serves, we've got fried chicken, beer, Mimosas, and donuts locked down, but if you want to bring anything else, by all means feel free. In particular, you can never have too many chairs or camp tables for stuff like this, so if you've got any of that, bring it on.

Unlike last year, I'll make sure everyone has my cell number so that we can get in touch with each other and hopefully still meet up even if all hell breaks loose. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Anonymous said...

So what do I do for coffee this morning, when OSU sunk their own ship last night and I do not get the $$ for having a winning bracket? I would have contributed my winnings to a worthy cause, for a few of those missed three-pointers!