Monday, April 23

Separated At Birth goes geopolitical.

Well, the ol' color scheme has gone back to normal. But because it would be pretty lame to waste a whole post informing the world of a color reversion, here's a very special French presidential election edition of Separated At Birth.

French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and former Kid in the Hall Kevin McDonald.

Sarkozy's main rival, Ségolène Royal, and "Being John Malkovich" actress Catherine Keener.

U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney and "Love Connection" host Chuck Woolery.

Disgraced Durham prosecutor Mike Nifong and UGA president Michael Adams.

Florida Marlins pitching ace Dontrelle Willis and former Georgia Bulldogs quarterbacking ace D.J. Shockley.


Robert said...

Thank you Doug! I thought I was the only person who thought Sarko looked like "that guy" from Kids in the Hall.

Anonymous said...

I just went to the Dawg Days event tonight to see Mark Richt speak about the upcoming season. The MC was Neal "Hondo" Williamson, Larry Munson's partner. It was the first time I'd ever seen Hondo (rather than just hear his voice). He also strongly favors Kevin McDonald.

By the way, after meeting Mark Richt in person, I have to say he is just as personable in, uh, person as he is in interviews. And after hearing him talk about next season, I am even more pumped about it than I was before.

blackertai said...

Man, I can't stand Willis, and now you've got to point out how much he looks like Shockley, my favorite Falcons QB! Ugh. Unfortunately, neither of them is helping an Atlanta team win anytime soon, so blah.

Anonymous said...

On a not-quite-but-sorta related note, I was told the other day that I look like Mary Stuart Masterson's character in "Some Kind of Wonderful." Not sure how I feel about that.

Kanu said...

I can't remember which one is the right winger and which one is the socialist, but based on your pics I have to say "Allez Ségolène!"

And as far as Romney/Woolery go, good choice- I think Romney's next job is as likely to be hosting the gameshow "Scrabble" as it is being POTUS.