Friday, December 30

Final Friday Random Ten of 2005!

Right, like you care.

Sorry if I seem cranky this morning -- I was awakened at about 4:30 in the morning by Jenna pacing back and forth on my bed like a methhead. So I put her down on the floor, figuring she'd go into her crate and call it a night. But a few minutes later I heard her making some funny noises, and I got up to find that she had pissed, shat, and vomited on the floor. Yahtzee! Suffice to say that after hitting for the cycle in this fashion, she wasn't allowed back up into the bed.

Anyway. Enough with the bodily functions.

1. Joy Division, "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
2. 3rd Bass, "Brooklyn-Queens"
3. Scritti Politti, "A Better Way"
4. Cornershop, "Brimful of Asha"
5. David Bowie, "Hallo Spaceboy"
6. Beck, "Sexx Laws"
7. R.E.M., "Star Me Kitten" (demo version)
8. DJ Shadow, "Changeling"
9. DJ Shadow, "Six Days"
10. Beck, "Satan Gave Me a Taco"

As always, feel free to drop your own in the comments, with the full knowledge that anyone whose 10 contains either "My Humps" or "Hollaback Girl" will be mocked mercilessly well into 2006.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

as long as you don't mock me for having "2112" in it.

1. She's Hot from the album ?Out My Way (Reissue)? by Meat Puppets
2. 2112 from the album ?Different Stages 2? by Rush Stop your snickering. You've got a copy somewhere, admit it. I almost took a mulligan on this one, but hey! WTF, right?

3. Idol from the album ?Ghost Stories? by Amanda Ghost Holy shit, where did this come from? I have no idea. Don't really care for it. Kinda Jewel-y. Kinda of a whiplash after the preceding. Kinda hurts, actually

4. The Modern World from the album ?Compact Snap!? by The Jam. Yes it is.

5. Never Go Back from the album ?Camper Vantiquities? by Camper Van Beethoven

6. The Big Heat from the album ?The Big Heat? by Stan Ridgway

7. Bombs Away from the album ?Message In A Box: The Complete Recordings (Disc 2)? by The Police

8. Do It Clean (Live, 1983) from the album ?Crystal Days (1979-1999) (4)? by Echo & The Bunnymen

9. John from the album ?In The Mud? by Split Lip Rayfield

10. The Glory of Man from the album ?Double Nickels on the Dime? by Minutemen finishing up with a hideously appropriate one.

Anyway, it must be going around- the rest of my FRT post is pretty bleak and whiny.

Anonymous said...

Perfect Way - Scritti Politti