Wednesday, January 14

Signs of life.

I'm only mentioning this because someone did ask, but no, I'm not going into hibernation just because football season is more or less over. I've just been lazy and/or working on other things.

While I work on the next magical post that will warm your heart and teach you life-affirming lessons about truth, beauty and other bullshit, why don't you read this and ponder what a bunch of rubes the people in my home state are. Jeez, I live in Alabama and I can go out and buy a twelver on Sunday if I want to. In Alabama.


TideDruid said...

Not in Tuscaloosa. I know, I've tried.

Kanu said...


Not just beer & wine, but the hard stuff, can be found 24/7.

At grocery stores.

And corner markets.

And drug stores.

I've never bought a big bottle of Crown Royal at Walgreens, but it's pretty cool knowing that it's right there waiting if I ever change my mind.

Hell yeah that was a Richard Marx reference.