Thursday, January 29

Profiles in courage.

After calling Georgia alumnus and U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) "petty and small" for his vote against congratulating the Florida Gators for their national championship, Dawgsports' T. Kyle King actually talks to the distinguished gentleman from Savannah . . . and comes around. My favorite segment from the interview:

Dawg Sports: I criticized your vote in each instance because I believe it made Georgia, which historically has boasted a more successful football program than Florida, appear envious of the Gators’ recent success. Is that a valid criticism? If not, why not? Are you concerned at all that your vote could be construed that way? Are you concerned about the possibility of a Gator backlash from the Florida delegation when it comes time for the House of Representatives to honor the Bulldogs after Mark Richt leads them to the national championship?

Congressman Kingston: When it comes to GA/FL, nothing counts but the present. Have you ever noticed that we only resurrect the "all-time" statistics when we lose the game? I might envy the NFL teams that pick up Knowshon and Stafford, but I'll never envy anyone who wears blue and orange to black tie events.

Next year, when the Bulldogs' national title resolution comes to the floor, I would be disappointed in the Florida delegation if they felt they needed to vote for it. But fortunately, we don't have to have their votes to pass it. Besides, they would probably bring in butterfly ballots, confuse everyone, then demand a recount.

Also liked his reference to "ACC weenies." Heh.

But let the record show that I recognized Rep. Kingston's awesomeness the first time he did this -- two full years ago. Hey Jenny Slater: ahead of the curve, and reaching across the aisle. That's bipartisanship we can believe in, my friends.

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