Wednesday, May 21

It went nicely with his "Montreal Expos 1994 NL East Champs" bomber jacket.

There are actually quite a few Georgia grads in Birmingham, mostly either at Southern Progress or in the financial industry (though a few have started coming over here for medical or dental school), but not all that many Georgia Tech alums that I know of, so when I see some evidence of open GT fandom, it gets my attention around these parts. Just a little bit ago I was taking Champ and Jenna out for our daily lunchtime stroll around Five Points, and as we were waiting to cross 20th Street, a guy jogged across the street wearing a shirt that had a little yellowjacket logo on it next to the legend 3-PEAT!

My brain immediately cranked into action trying to think what that could be referring to. What had Georgia Tech won three times in a row recently? ACC basketball titles? Hell, they were lucky to win three ACC games last season. Three baseball titles? Maybe three football games in a row over a hated rival? Clemson, perhaps? No . . . Maybe Virginia? No . . .

The answer finally came to me right as he jogged by, but I didn't believe it until I saw the back of the shirt with my own eyes:


Now, I don't seriously think this guy was making a deliberate effort to publicly boast about Tech's eight-year-old "3-peat"; more likely it was just the first shirt he grabbed out of the dresser drawer before going out for his lunchtime run. But no matter what context you put it in, it's still pretty hilarious if you're a Georgia fan.

Bless y'all's hearts, Georgia Tech. Bless y'all's hearts.


blackertai said...

That reminds me of a 1998 Falcons Superbowl Champions T-Shirt I got the week before the game was played. Not a shirt I've gotten many miles out of, lets put it that way.

Will said...

Lord love 'em.

Ryno said...

I would have thought the "3 in a Row" comment would have pertained to number of coaches who left Tech without a winning record against Georgia.

Silly me.

Hobnail_Boot said...

could stand for the number of games we won on their home court to win the SEC Tournament..