Tuesday, June 17

The National League bent my wookie.

As if Hank Steinbrenner's WAAAAHHmbulance ride wasn't funny enough on its own, it also brought us this instant classic of a headline:

In other news, I'm 30 going on 8. And now that we've all had a hearty chuckle over that, we can turn our attention back to good baseball teams.


Kanu said...

I'm damn near certain that you would be amused to know that China's national soccer team has a striker named WANG DONG. For realz.

DAve said...

Yesterday one of the headlines on ESPN.com's main page began with "Yank's Wang..." I, too, am 30(ish) going on 8.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Well you know Doug, he has been riding Moose pretty hard lately after losing his Big Unit during the offseason.