Tuesday, June 3

"It's hard to imagine a more arbitrary and undemocratic way to determine this series’s outcome than 'games won.' "

This evening, while you're alternating between hashing out different playoff scenarios and watching CNN play with their "Big Wall" in an effort to make the Democratic primary season look fast-paced and video-gamey rather than like the slow-motion six-month-long dog-and-pony clusterfuck it essentially is . . . wait, so am I going to be the only one doing those two things?

Er, anyway, while you're doing whatever the hell it is you're going to be doing tonight, read this, which not only is a perfect summation of the Clinton campaign's strategy over the last few weeks but also accomplishes the superhuman task of making the NBA entertaining.

(H/T: Andrew Sullivan.)

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Happy b-day! The big 3-0!