Monday, March 12


If you follow college basketball religiously, or even if you don't follow it religiously but still find invitations impossible to resist regardless of what they're for, you are cordially invited to join Big Ass Tournament Bracket, Hey Jenny Slater's official NCAA Tournament pick'em group on Yahoo.

If you want to sign up, go to this site and enter Group ID# 95754 and password "ihateflorida" (no quotes).

There will be no cash prizes for winning, lest any of you end up disqualified from ever reaching your lifelong dream of one day coaching the University of Washington's football team. You will, however, be lauded by name on this site for your wisdom, which plus $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

By the way: Since neither Georgia nor UAB made it to the big tournament, Hey Jenny Slater's official rooting interest for March Madness is Virginia.

Thrilled that the 'Hoos will not have to face Miami or Wake Forest in The Show.


Josh M. said...

So I assume there is a $3 cash prize? Because $1.50 won't get you shiat at Starbucks.

anonymous said...

Not true -- I think you can get a "tall" [small] cup of regular black coffee at the Starbucks down the street from me for a buck-fifty. Though that doesn't include tax . . . so, OK, make it $1.75.

Anonymous said...

Can I just have the $1.50 when tOSU takes it all? I can get a large not-Starbucks coffee for that! Given the blind taste-test the Post did on coffee, Starbucks is NOT the way to go if you want a good cuppa cuppa.

Universal Remonster said...

I'm in, I just need to sign up somewhere else. The brilliant minds at my corporation blocked us from all possible fantasy sports sites. Those evil, sadistic, corporate basterds. At least I still have ESPN and blogspot.