Friday, March 16

Friday Random Ten, Not St. Patrick's Day Edition.

Well, I was thinking about doing a special Irish Friday Random Ten to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, which is tomorrow, but I tried doing that and the Ten ended up consisting of six songs by U2, two more by their side project Passengers, and two by Morrissey. So that ain't gonna work.

1. Blur, "Sing"
2. Sting, "King of Pain" (live)
3. Frank Sinatra, "I've Got a Crush on You"
4. Moby, "In This World"
5. Miles Davis, "The Pan Piper"
6. Crowded House, "Distant Sun"
7. NFL Films, "Playmakers"
8. The Roots, "Meiso" (DJ Shadow mix)
9. Pet Shop Boys, "What Have I Done to Deserve This?"
10. Public Enemy, "Cold Lampin' With Flavor"

I have to cop to not having any Irish ancestry whatsoever (that I know of), but in the interest of solidarity with my Catholic brothers, I'm not going to let that stop me from participating in such traditions as the wearin' o' the green, the drinkin' o' the beer, the vomitin' o' the stomach contents, and the next-day complainin' o' the hangover.

Your Random Tens and St. Patty's Day plans are welcome in the comments.


Anonymous said...

And a happy Irish-American Awareness Day to you too! What, no St. Paddy's parade in Birmingham? Sad.

The Fashion Diva said...

I've got some Irish in me but nothing planned for the weekend except catching up on some much needed sleep. Sad I know.

Top 10 ~

1. Sister Machine Gun, "TNT"
2. ZZ Top, "Sleeping Bag"
3. Loverboy, "Lucky Ones"
4. Vast, "Pretty When You Cry"
5. Billy Idol, "White Wedding"
6. Robert Plant, "Tall Cool One"
7. Bon Jovi, "Bad Medicine"
8. Gravity Kills, "Guilty"
9. Def Leppard, "Excitable"
10. Judist Priest, "You Got Another Thing Coming"

Kanu said...

Happy Drinking.

1. "No More Trouble", Bob Marley
2. "The Horn Songs", Living Legends
3. "Mama Call", Manu Chao
4. "Jealousy", Natalie Merchant
5. "Redemption Song{live}", Bob Marley
6. "Bailando Va", La Caina
7. "Sweet Honey", Slightly Stoopid
8. "Very Ape", Nirvana
9. "1980 Herschel TD v Ga. Tech", Larry Munson
10. "If This World Were Mine", Slightly Stoopid

Happy weekend to all.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Listen to

1. Nothing On My Mind from the album "Cereal Killers" by Too Much Joy Another TMJ song. beauty.
2. Lively Up Yourself [Live] from the album "The Principle Of Moments" by Robert Plant
3. Hobgoblins from the album "Clowns In The Sky II" by Mystery Science Theater 3000
4. Toybox from the album "Butch" by The Geraldine Fibbers
5. Mother Of The Bride from the album "Don't Try This At Home" by Billy Bragg
6. Feeling Lucky from the album "Stoned And Dethroned" by The Jesus & Mary Chain
7. The Beautiful Dead from the album "Extremities Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions" by Killing Joke
8. Born To A Family from the album "Oceans Apart" by The Go-Betweens
9. Asphalt from the album "Low-Fi at Society High" by The Figgs
10. Money Song from the album "Monty Python Sings" by Monty Python

Universal Remonster said...

No Irish in yas? If you've been drinkin the lords fine spirits long enough yer bound to end up ACTING Irish by the end of the night.

1) "Home for a Rest" - Spirit of the West
2) "Irish Whiskey" - Cherry Poppin Daddies
3) "The Nurse Who Loved Me" - A Perfect Circle
4) "War Child" - The Cranberries
5) "In the Midnight Hour" - The Commitments
6) "In God's Country" - U2
7) "Drunken Lullubies" - Flogging Molly
8) "Reynardine" - Green Fields of America
9)"Gonna be a Blackout Tonight!" - The Dropkick Murphys
10) "Ro Ro Rosy" - Van Morrison

Anonymous said...

1. Denis Leary, “Traditional Irish Folk Song”
2. The Pogues, “The Sunnyside of the Street”
3. Coldplay, “Green Eyes”
4. The Cranberries, “Zombie”
5. Enya, “The Celts”
6. Green Day, “Holiday”
7. Beastie Boys, “The Negotiation Limerick File”
8. John Mayer, “St. Patrick’s Day”
9. Matthew Sweet, “Devil with the Green Eyes”
10. U2, “Heartland”