Sunday, March 11

Weekend Bostonblogging.

Now that I've just gotten done boring you to tears with meta junk, it's time to respond to the will of the people. Pet photos, fresh baked this weekend.

I would put more photos of Jenna the Wonder Terrier up on here if I could just get her to sit still long enough to take some, but this weekend I managed to do that, mainly because she'd just spent hours at the park chasing and wrestling with, I kid you not, a full-grown Great Dane. I'm trying to decide which fictional character is the best metaphor for this, and the one that first sprang to mind was Tommy DeVito from "Goodfellas" -- short, kind of goofy-looking, funny voice, but will not hesitate to beat you into a bloody pulp for so much as telling him to go get his shinebox. Jenna's not quite that psychotic, but she did work herself into enough of a lather battling the Great Dane that she was good and knocked out once we got home:

Even the following morning, she still took a while to completely wake up . . .

. . . but then she was right back at it again with my neighbor Katie's dog.

I have this fear that one day she's going to step to a poorly trained pit bull and do something we both later regret, but until then, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, we had a fox terrier who would take on any dog, any size, any time. If he wasn't fighting with the male boxers, German shepherds, etc., he was romancing the lady dogs. The little ones make up for lack of size with great big hearts.

Jenna is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

You go Jenna! Rock on with your cute self.