Thursday, November 19

R.I.P., D.G.D.

Uga VII, the seventh in our long and distinguished line of English bulldogs, apparently passed away after a heart attack this morning. Rest in peace, pup.

Various folks on Twitter have informed me that Sonny Seiler has said there will be a bulldog on the sideline at Georgia Tech next week, but that we will be dawgless for the Kentucky game this weekend, which is a shame given that this is gonna be Senior Day and all. I hope they have his empty doghouse on the sideline for us all to remember him by, though, and maybe we can get a group of jets from Robins to do a missing man formation flyover for the singing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" before kickoff?

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Stanley Holditch said...

Doug, do you know if this is the first UGA to pass away during the football season?