Thursday, November 20

" . . . You know, man has only been around for a few blinks of an eye. So if the infection wipes us all out, that is a return to normality."

Over the past week or so they've been repaving pretty much every street within a couple blocks of Five Points South. They started letting traffic back through the neighborhood this evening, but here's a picture I took on my walk home from work a few days ago when everything was still blocked off.

Creepy, innit? It'd be spookier without all the lights on, but still, it's rare to see Five Points so devoid of any evidence of human life. If I really did wake up one morning and found that I was the last person on Earth, though, there are any number of bars around here I could break into and just drink myself into oblivion. So there's that.

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ACG said...

You're right, that is creepy. It kind of made Birmingham feel like a much smaller town than it really is.

Now post a picture of the pure, distilled, elemental fug that is the newly painted tomato-red intersection. All I want to do is paint a big "H" in the middle and land a helicopter on it.

Thanks, Larry Langford, for spending the money to fug up our historical neighborhood; I now understand the utter importance of painting our paving bricks the color of brick. Their original brick color was insufficient.