Tuesday, November 11

The kind of crazy even shithouse rats won't touch.

Everybody remember Eric Dondero, the former Ron Paul aide who responded to a post I wrote about Paul about a year and a half ago by going completely balls-to-the-wall crazy? Well, that's perhaps an inaccurate recounting of the situation -- Dondero was already balls-to-the-wall crazy, he just went out of his way to express it in the comments on this site.

Well, if you were afraid Dondero -- a so-called "libertarian" who was pushing noted defender of civil liberties Rudy Giuliani for president -- might be taking the last couple weeks a little hard, it looks like you have reason to be concerned. Here's how Dondero responded to the election of Barack Obama on his dubiously named blog "Libertarian Republican":

Radical Islamists in a coalition with Communists have taken over the country. They murdered 3000 of our citizens on September 11, 2008. We defeated them on the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they've defeated us here on our own soil.

Freedom lovers, and members of politically incorrect ethnic groups need to take extreme caution.

In the comments thread, Dondero goes on to add: "One day we'll be able to say to the Stefans of the world, you see, we told you so. I fear, that it will be the very same day, we are all carted on the freight trains heading to our deaths in Obama's concentration camps." Uh, Eric, I'm not an expert on mental-health law, but I don't think involuntary commitment to a psychiatric facility is the same thing as being carted off to a "concentration camp."

On the one hand, it infuriates me that there are still people who actually say this kind of shit. On the other hand, watching them soil themselves with tinfoil-hat paranoia over the next four years will be a hoot and three quarters. Keep bringing it, Eric, we're gonna need something to entertain ourselves come February when Obama's inaugurated and football season is over.


Senator Blutarsky said...

Doug, Dondero's way out there, but he's got company:


Makes me proud to be a Georgian.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to prove that an education doesn't mean you're not stupid. In the piece referred to by blutarsky, the Rep. Paul Broun (interesting semi-Germanic spelling, don't you think?) making those comments is a physician!

Holly said...

Does this mean we'll be treated to more of his hate mail? Because that guy is a scuh-REAM.

Will Q said...

Well, there is a sentiment in the media that the Obama administration will be tough on comedians and humorists. Maybe this guy and his ilk will make up for it.

Will said...

Yeah, to echo the Senator...at least Dondero isn't an elected official. Broun can actually influence the process (though hopefully these idiotic statements brand him as a right-wing answer to Cynthia McKinny--though why do both sides' nutjobs have to represent Georgia?)

RedCrake said...

I'm a Libertarian and I don't particularly like Obama.

But this shit is over the line. I don't claim this douchebag as one of my party.

I hope he soils himself during the inauguration, slips on his own shit, and gets paralyzed.

Then Obama's healthcare package can use my money to pay for his rehabilitation.

A Free Man said...

Man, these people. Arrrrggghh. I just finished up an interview with an evolutionary biologist who has to deal with evolution deniers (only slightly less crazy) and their vitriol on a daily basis. Just wish these wing-nuts would go the hell away.

Tom said...

Funny, if I'm not mistaken, these are the exact same people who said "if you don't like it, you can leave" when I expressed my disgust for George W. Bush. Nice to see them getting their come-uppance.

Anonymous said...

Admit it. Obama's poster look very Hitler-esque and Stalin-esque.

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