Thursday, August 26

Pickin' and grinnin'.

You guys enjoy picking, right? Well, here's your chance to throw out more picks than a Georgia Tech quarterback -- the Big Ass Pick'Em Group, the official picks pool of Hey Jenny Slater, is back for another year.

Each week we'll be picking all of the top 25 and SEC games -- picks are against the spread, no confidence points. If you want to join, go here and enter group ID# 14755 and password "bacarri" (all lower-case). The person who's made the most correct picks by the end of the regular season will be the subject of an exclusive interview on HJS; the player who comes up with the funniest and/or filthiest pick set name will also get a shout-out here.

As of right now, the start of college football season is exactly one week away. Good luck, nerds.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

dude, i go through the entire crappy process for registering for a yahoo sports account, and the group is full? for shame, douglas, for shame!

ya skrd boy?

btw, my pick set name would've been knox harrington, video artist.