Monday, October 12

Monday Morning Cage Match XVIII:
45-19 vs. 1940.

If you're a Georgia fan -- or maybe even if you're not -- this one should be pretty self-explanatory. Who had the bigger failure of strategy: Our defensive coordinator or the general in command of French forces during the Nazi invasion in World War II? Only the Monday Morning Cage Match can decide for sure -- and thus we have Willie Martinez vs. Maurice Gustave Gamelin.

Willie Martinez

Maurice Gamelin
BirthplaceCoral Gables, Fla.Paris, France
WINNER: Gamelin
TitleDefensive coordinator, Georgia BulldogsGeneralissimo of French forces
Early successServed with distinction as a defensive back on Miami's 1983 national-title teamServed with distinction as a brigadier general in World War I
WINNER: Gamelin
Highest achievementPromoted to defensive coordinator after the departure of Brian VanGorder; helped lead Georgia to the 2005 SEC championshipPromoted to commander of the General Staff by prime minister Edouard Daladier
WINNER: Martinez
Tactical trademarkSoft zone coverage in the defensive secondaryThe Maginot Line
WINNER: Martinez
Result of this strategy

WINNER: Martinez
Final fateStill employedArrested by Vichy authorities and held for five years before being liberated by Allied forces
WINNER: Martinez

FINAL SCORE: Martinez 5, Gamelin 3. See, it could be worse. It's not like Willie was instrumental in the Nazi takeover of an entire continent or anything.


C. Paul said...

I don't even have the words - absolutely fantastic.

Go Dawgs and Vive la France!

Universal Remonster said...

Nicely done sir. Now I'll go curl back up in the fetal position and sob some more.

Buck said...

Man the photo's next to "Result of strategy" are hilarious.

Damn wonderful post. This is the first time I have laughed since Saturday.