Thursday, October 15

St. Louie linkdump.

I'm en route to Dallas for this weekend's Texas-Oklahoma game, and banging this out on an iPhone, no less, because there's no free wi-fi in the St. Louis airport, but here are some links so that I still might entertain you (sort of) while I'm out of pocket:

This week's Profiles in Disillusion, in which Georgia does indeed play a prominent role. Though by no means the starring one: At least we didn't let Duke score 49 on us on our own field.

Also at Doc Saturday, a preview of Notre Dame-USC, otherwise known as Charlie Weis's come-to-(Touchdown)-Jesus meeting in South Bend, and my two cents on the top CFB scandal of the past decade (shocking hint: it involves Alabama).

In exchange for those brilliant bits of insight, the Doc tips his hat to my Richt/Tuberville manifesto in his own take on the increasingly touchy times down in Athens.

Gambling picks at Orson's joint that might -- might! -- manage not to suck out loud for like the first time all season.

And last but definitely not least, the inaugural Five for Slive podcast -- the brainchild of War Blog Eagle founder Jerry Hinnen -- jumps off this morning, with Yours Truly bravely pontificating through clenched teeth about the state of the SEC at the season's midpoint (and UGA's dwindling relevance to same).

Enjoy! See you folks when I'm back on the ground in Big D.

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Buck said...

The only reason Duke has not scored 49 points on us on our own field is because Duke has not played us on our own field.